I am told to quit playing it small. But who am I to play it BIG?

I’m the woman you see in the grocery store counting up the value of the items and debating what goes in the cart or what I have to walk past. I’m the woman who checks her checking account hoping she hasn’t bounced a check, and plays Russian roulette with bank deposits clearing before the payments. I am the woman who feels it is stupid for me to continue doing what I love, and I know is my purpose.ckkochis_casual

I am the woman who carries a great amount of faith in knowing it will all work out and this is the journey I face in this moment. It’s been one hell of a trek through the mud, slamming myself against trees, then stumbling into the pit of despair.

This magazine, this community I’m building is for the women (and men) who were told they’re not good enough, feel they’re not capable of doing anything outside of someone else’s ‘normal’, teeter totter on taking a leap of faith, and beaten to submission from the “what if’s”.

There is no coincidence that you found this post. I’ve had my successes and brought home several thousand dollar commission checks. I know what it feels like to purchase a new car. I’ve traveled to Hawaii, Ireland, Switzerland and many places in between. I raised to sons who have sons of their own.

I’ve danced for joy in the good times, and swallowed my pride in the bad times. Haven’t we all? I learned. I celebrated. I have pearls of wisdom to share. I have moments to experience. And so do you.

This magazine, this community I’m building is for the women (and men) who have lived life to the fullest and for those who barely participate in it. It’s for you and I.

Whether we know it or not, we make a difference. Our uniqueness matters. Join me on this journey to exploring the elements for a healthier life.