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The Power of Touch

by | Jun 9, 2021

Touch has a memory.
John Keats

A rough draft excerpt from Nurturing the Creative Soul (working title):

The human touch has great healing power. It has the ability to comfort a lonely individual, the grieving, the heartbroken, the scared, the person overcome with anxiety and those overstressed. 

A single hug, a hand to hold, a hand gently placed on the shoulder or arm gifts the receiver acknowledgement of their presence. Our emotions naturally lift when we know someone cares and is concerned for our well-being.

The intention of the touch is felt. You know when it is supportive, carrying, loving, and compassionate. If the intention is to arouse and offer sexual pleasure, the intention is felt. If the intent is to control or cause harm, it can be felt as well.

We are witnessing the results caused from a long duration of not touching those friends and family members we normally greet with a hug. For the huggers, the past year and a half has been excruciatingly difficult. There is a part of us who longs to feel the touch of another as a way to express our love and be acknowledged. A verbal greeting isn’t enough.

Every person thrives by giving love, compassion, and acknowledgement to another soul through touch. It is just as important for our survival to receive the love, compassion, and acknowledgement from another soul.

The human touch in a loving embrace grants both the giver and receiver the healing power of love.

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  1. Barbara A Parcells

    OMG! I can’t wait to get back to church as we have a moment during the service where we all hug an greet each other. My arms are aching from not being able to hug everyone for such a long time!

    • CK Kochis

      Enjoy each and every embrace, Barb. It’s amazing the things we once took for granted. Not anymore. I expect people will love deeper and hug longer moving forward.

  2. Andrea

    Very lovely thoughts. Personally, there are some people with that new baby smell who are waiting to be sniffed!


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