I grew up in a time when high schoolers had to take either home-ed(ucation), shop or band class in order to graduate. I already knew how to cook and sew by that age, and learning how to make a foot stool didn’t interest me at all. I chose to play the clarinet and step in rhythm on a field (often times in the rain and/snow) during the football games  and travel to various schools for band competitions in the spring.

By the time my sons reached their high school years, home-ed was no longer a required elective. Actually, I’m not sure if it was even an option any longer. I’d ask my sons if they remember, but it’s four in the morning and the odds of them answering my question is very unlikely.

Over the years I’ve worked in offices with the ‘younger generation’, and being the mother-figure that I am it was common to be asked, “How do I make (___)?”

The concept of UnBox Your Kitchen was born years ago.  Thinking back, it’s been brewing in for a long time. I just didn’t understand why until my last job. The majority of my co-workers were young adults starting families or too busy with the single life to settle down. The one thing that was common with them was they wanted to know how to make my homemade brownies, chicken concoction, stews, breads and such that I brought into work for my lunches and/or our “bring a dish to pass” days.

As the aroma from my mini crockpot expelled into our rather intimate office space, it was common for my team members to ask 1) what was in it, 2) how did I cook it, 3) could I teach them how to prepare it so they could make it for their family.

Wah-la! Cooking classes idea was born.

Once my food intolerances took control of my diet, the driving force to know why I was developing life-threatening allergies, led me to enrolling in the Institute for Integrative Nutrition to become a health coach. It became clear one of my missions in life is to guide those who desire to be healthier to find what works best for them.

Boom-chuck-alocka! Educating individuals – starting from a point of what is familiar to them – on how to eat healthier and encourage them to prepare foods from scratch (versus that which is manufactured) evolved and the UnBox Your Kitchen concept materialized.

The joy of working with individuals is to explore their goals and allow them to make their own choices. I enjoy offering guidance and support as we expand the knowledge of the elements for a healthier life. The food we eat is only one element. Our relationships, how we earn/receive an income, moving our bodies (exercising), spiritual practices and what we chose to fuel our precious bodies with are all connected. It’s about balance. And actually, in a conversation with my peers yesterday evening, I found that the word rhythm to be more appropriate.

Our rhythm of a Life In Motion.

You, and only you, decide the rhythm of your heartbeat – the drum of your existence. We all march to the beat of our heart; we are given the gift of setting the rhythm. Interesting, that just came to me. We are given the gift of setting our own rhythm by the choices we make.  I like that statement.

Getting back on topic… I have developed several opportunities for you to UnBox Your Kitchen.

  • One-on-one 12-week coaching program
  • Workshops (in person and online)
  • UnBox Your Kitchen Cookbook series (first book to be published this spring)
  • Life In Motion Newsletter (sign up here)
  • Online membership program (details available this spring)

It’s interesting how, with age, I can look back on my life and see how the various interactions, jobs, lessons and everything in between have shaped my journey and gifted me with the wisdom to guide others. I am grateful to appreciate the value in knowing there is no right or wrong, good or bad – only perceptions. We set our rhythm by the choices we make…and what a blessing.

As I always say, “Life is an amazing adventure; it was never intended to be lived in gray-scale.”

It a wonderful time to explore the rhythm of a life in motion and unbox your kitchen!