“What is the most loving thing you can do for yourself today?”

Those are the words I heard when I woke up today.  I pulled back the covers, and began my day.  I filled my tea kettle and pondered the question.  What is the most loving thing I can do for myself today?  Maybe I could meditate, view the early morning moon from my wooden deck, carve out a few minutes to spend time with my grandsons, or simply take in a deep breath and release it.

The most loving thing I could do for myself when I read the words of a mother reaching out for support on Facebook was to put pen to paper.  “Mom” posted a photograph of her daughter and shared with us the events her daughter is facing in middle school.  I felt the deep sense of vulnerability a parent experiences at various times in their child’s life.

I share with you the condensed version of six pages of hand scribble:

“Sweet Beautiful One, when I see the photograph of your smile, I know you see something different in the mirror. Be kind to the young child, the teenager, the woman that glances back.

Sweet Beautiful One, you are loved by more people than you’ll ever know. Open your heart to the one you view in the mirror. Who do you see? It is okay to like her, hate her, love her. It is okay to feel the emotions you feel. There is nothing unlovable about you.

Sweet Beautiful One, I know you have a tremendous amount of unconditional love to share. You have a kind, gentle, curious spirit; a wise soul. I see your desire to be the woman you are without reservation, restriction, or opinion of others.

Sweet Beautiful One, life is an amazing adventure; it was never intended to be lived in gray-scale. Listen to your heartbeat, allow it to be your compass. You have the wisdom to make the best choices for yourself. You cannot get this wrong. We are all learning.

Sweet Beautiful One, you are loved. You’re never alone. Reach your hand out when you feel the need for compassion and understanding. You may disagree with me in this moment, but someday you’ll appreciate the value in my words.

Sweet Beautiful One, when others act out and express cruelty, they are showing you their pain, insecurity, and lack of self-love. Pray for them. They need the special kind of love only you can give them. Deep down you know in your heart that what they seek is compassion and understanding; to feel loved.

Sweet Beautiful One, cry when your heart is aching, laugh at the silly jokes, dance to the music, talk to someone you trust. Don’t hide your emotions, or bottle them.  Express how you feel without hesitation.

Dear Sweet Beautiful One, when I look at you – I see YOU. The real you. I see the love you’re capable of expressing. I see the depths of your forgiveness towards Self and others. I see your heart-breaks and joy-filled experiences.

I see YOU, Sweet Beautiful One.”

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