The mission of the UnBox Your Kitchen concept is to encourage home cooking versus preparing manufactured foods and educate individuals ready to live life in motion on healthy cooking, nutrition and kitchen tips.


The target date for the first podcast is scheduled for June 20th.

Duration of recording is 30-45 minutes.


Listen to interviews with health coaches, nutritionists, chefs, and others to learn helpful kitchen tips, gain insights and knowledge.

As an guest host on the podcast, you commit to…

  • Be on time
  • Be yourself and shine your radiant energy
  • Breathe and have fun
  • Leave a review on the podcast recording and YouTube video, and invite your tribe to do the same
  • Post a comment on the blog article, and invite your tribe to do the same
  • Share podcasts on your social media sites
  • Post interview on your website

Examples of podcast topics:

  • Eliminating sugar from your diet
  • Best practices for organizing kitchen cabinets
  • Does it cost more to eat healthier?
  • Preparing meals ahead for lunchtime at work
  • What do vegans eat?
  • Eating certain foods based on blood type
  • Which cooking oils to use
  • Getting kids to eat healthy snacks
  • Finding support when no one else in the household wants to change their eating habits
  • Making kombucha tea
  • How to can the summer’s harvest


Podcasts will be made available on following outlets:

  • YouTube (audio and video)
  • iPodcast (audio only)
  • Blog posts on this website (audio and transcription)
  • Possible additions may include:
    • ElementsForAHealthierLife.com
    • Article in Elements For A Healthier Life Magazine based on interview content
    • Additional promotional material


UnBox Your Kitchen Podcasts will provide a grand opportunity for you to share your nutrition knowledge and recipes in a variety of formats with potential clients, friends and family. Together, we will encourage our target audience to explore the joys of home cooking and how the food we nourish our bodies with impacts the elements for a healthier life.

Please complete the application to be interviewed for a UnBox Your Kitchen Podcast.
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Uncertain if the UnBox Your Kitchen podcast is a good fit for you, strike up a conversation with me and submit your questions.[formidable id=2]