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Are you ready to focus on your entrepreneurial and creative writing projects? As your copyeditor, I believe your story matters and your words have power.


Storyteller & Publisher

I write. It’s what I do. My creative spirit would have it no other way. I believe our words have power – grand power.

Podcast Host

Listen to authors share their wisdom, experiences, and backstories from when they put pen to paper to write their stories to publishing their books.


I doodle. It’s what I do. My creative spirit would have it no other way. No two creations are the same, nor should they be.

Optimize Your Time 

Streamline your website, book design, and periodical layout projects. Working with me will allow you to focus on your clients, income generating tasks, and do what you do best.

The Adventure Continues

Since the decision to sell my home of twenty-six years, the Universe is showing me there is a great opportunity out there waiting for me. Read the stories I share as I explore, travel and write.

Navigating The Curves of Life

Navigating The Curves of Life

The Adventure Continues..."Grief can be the garden of compassion. If you keep your heart open through everything, your pain can become your greatest ally in your life's search for love and wisdom." -RumiIt was nineteen degrees outside when I started writing this...

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When There’s No Grass

When There’s No Grass

The Adventure Continues..."Most of us have been told angels have wings, some of us have learned they have paws." -UnknownWillie James and I arrived late, or early, at some point Saturday afternoon to our first temporary residence in New Mexico this winter. It was...

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Noise Under The Bed

Noise Under The Bed

The Adventure Continues..."There's no place like home." -Everyone Some time close to four o'clock this morning, I woke up to the sound of scratching. I couldn't figure out what the noise was or where it was coming from in my sleepy haze. And, then, I realized I didn't...

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Pen to Paper Press™

What could you accomplish if you participated in a writer’s community that supports and inspires you to write and get published? You’d be motivated to WRITE!

Experience Your Creativity 

There is a story within each of us. Each chapter is just as important as the next.

Transform your experiences into written works of art. Your Words Have Power. Your Story Matters.

A Memoir

At sunrise, I acquired the role of a grieving momma when my oldest son died in 2017. I sold my home of twenty-six years the following summer, set out to disconnect from all things familiar, and went on a Soul’s Journey. Along the way, I gained a deeper understanding of forgiveness, wavered with personal courage, met plenty of interesting people, and expanded the awareness of Self-love.


The Adventure Continues with…

Join Willie James (an adorable chiweenie) and myself as we continue the adventure of a lifetime.

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Life is an amazing adventure; it was never intended to be lived in gray-scale.

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