A Reading Meditation

Meditation grants us with the blessing to see the true essence of Self.

A reading meditation is similar to a verbal meditation in the same way you allow your imagination to create a vision of a loving environment.

Are you ready for a journey into your heart source?

Before we begin, sit in a comfortable chair where you won’t be disturbed for at least twenty minutes. I suggest having a glass of water nearby to help ground yourself into the here-and-now after the meditation and a journal to write down the messages you received.

A written mediation is one way to meet yourself. The words on the page guide you into a relaxed state as you take in a deep breath in through your nose. And exhale through your mouth. Ah. Feels good, doesn’t it? Go ahead and do it again. This time breathe in deep through your nose for a count of six and at the top of the inhalation hold it for a two seconds, and slowly exhale for a count of six.

Feel the tension in your body to loosen. Notice the muscles in your feet and legs relax and connect with the chair you’re sitting in. You’re supported and comfortable. Extend your arms out, raise them over your head, and stretch tall. Feel the muscles in your back align. When you’re ready lower your arms and place your hands, palm side up, on your lap. Roll your shoulders back to help you sit tall and supported. This will help keep your back in alignment as the divine energies enter your crown chakra from the heavens.

Notice any tension in your face and neck. Turn your head to the right, stretch. Now turn your head to the left, stretch. Return to center. Your head, neck and spinal cord are in alignment. You can feel the divine energy to balance and transform the crown chakra. The divine energy descends into the the third eye chakra, then the throat chakra. It continues downward and flows effortlessly into your heart chakra to balance and transform your energies. Feel the divine love enter and extend from your heart. You are blessed and loved beyond any description of words. The divine energy enters into your solar plexis, then your sacral chakra. Balancing and transforming. The divine energy travels into the root chakra; balancing and transforming. You feel the divine energy descend into the earth. You feel grounded, safe and relaxed.

Imagine sitting on a bench in a beautiful park. It is your favorite season, and nature is in its glory. You breathe in the fresh air and feel your body relax deeper. A young girl walks up. She looks familiar. You invite her to sit with you on the bench. She sits beside you.

Both of you appreciate the view before you.

There’s a stillness within you.

The young girl says, “You have a question. I can feel it. It is safe to ask me anything.” She reaches over and gently places her hand on yours, and reassures you, “Don’t be afraid. I can help you. You are safe with me.”

You feel her unconditional love and support. The hesitation within your mind eases and a sense of trust blossoms.

You ask, “….

She lightly squeezes your hand as a way to offer comfort and acknowledge you.

She replies, “…

The two of you remain silent for a few minutes. You ponder her response and know her wisdom comes from her heart. She is there, with you, to help guide you in all situations.

The young girl gets off the bench, turns to face you and says, “You are loved. All is forgiven.” She touches your hand again, you know everything will be okay. You have faith.

She smiles, and says, “I’m always here,” she points to your heart, “and you can talk to me anytime. I will hear you, and I will guide you. The love you give to yourself and others is your gift to the world. You are a blessing to all who meet you. You may never know the purpose for meeting them; trust that you made a loving difference in their life.”

You smile and thank her. She walks away and with each step she becomes more translucent.

You take in a deep breath and feel a calmness caress your body, mind and soul.

You know it is time to come back into the room where your chair is; where your glass of water is; where your journal is. It is time to return to the here-and-now.

Slowly wiggle your toes and fingers. It is time to come back into the here-and-now.


Please take a moment to write down the messages your received. If you don’t remember receiving a messages, know that you did and it will manifest in due time.

You are welcome to share with us, in the comments below, your experience.


I invite you to schedule your private guided meditation. During the session we will transform and balance the chakras in addition to the guided journey. If you would like a preview of what to expect, please listen to the videos posted on the Gifts For You page.

Many blessings to all. Namaste’