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Writing marketing content for your business does not have to be a daunting task. Truly, you do not need samples, templates or even to swipe someone else’s format. This is about you getting your message to your prospective clients and customers.

 In the past two days, I’ve read an array of requests for help on social media threads in regards to writing business marketing material. One person was seeking insight about what should be on their (website) About page, another person looking for a swipe file for creating a sales sheet, someone wrote about not knowing what to blog about and the list goes on. Why do I share this? Because, each person was looking for a “sample” of what they should do. I admit, I have gone to great lengths to search for such information as well. Truth be told, I used to have a manilla file folder full of examples that I liked and computer document folders bursting with more samples. I wanted my content to flow and look like theirs! So, I get it.

One key elements is to know your individual client avatar (ICA) and speak to that one specific person. What is the information you wish to share with them? How is it that you can help them?

You may be looking at your monitor screen, and saying me, “But, Cindy, I don’t know what to write!” Yes you do. And, I’ll help you find the message you wish to relay. Remember, it’s important to write the content as if you were sitting with the person and holding a conversation. What words are you using? How are you conveying the message so they trust that you can help them?

Quite often when we use a sample sheet in an attempt to tweet and twerk our words to look just as pretty (if not prettier) than what was written in the nifty example. Inevitably we work harder to make it appear like the specific format that, well, it ends up fitting like a pair of Spanx that’s two sizes too big or one size too small. Either way it looks and feels wonky. And in the process you loose your voice.

Don’t loose your voice.

Without looking at any of your previously written material (website, brochures, etc), take a blank page (paper or computer document) and write the first response you have when answering the following questions. Don’t worry about editing. This is a brain dump session. Take your time and explore your responses beyond a one-sentence answer. There’s no clock ticking nor any anyone you have to beat to the finish line.

  • Who is this {product/service} for?
  • Who will benefit from my {product/services}?
  • Why will they benefit from my {product/services}?
  • How will it improve their situation?
  • What solution are they looking for?
  • How can I help them?
  • How is my business different from others?
  • What unique about my {product/service}?
  • How do I want to help?
  • Why do I want to help them?
  • What’s in it for me?
  • What’s the purpose of offering my {product/services}?

Once you’re finished, take a look at what you have already written regarding your business. Compare the brain dump content from the exercise above to the content on your website, the journal you plotted your initial action steps and dreams, brochures and etc. There’s a good chance you have taken the descriptions and content of your services and products to a whole new level!

Time to revised your message so that it’s to the point and concise. Begin eliminating the words, sentences and paragraphs that could be considered fluff (unnecessary). Yes, this hard work. YES, you got this. Construct your message, using your voice, for the specific thing you desire to create or update (such as your website pages, brochures, newsletters and so forth).

When you’re done, you will have content that is ten times better than if you had used a template to distract your voice and mask you purpose. Please don’t diminish your voice/message to fit the mold that someone else thought was “proper.” 

P.S. You cannot get this wrong!!!!

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