Do You Feel Like…

  • Self-Love is something other people experience.
  • No matter how many affirmations you say, you still feel they don’t work.
  • Overwhelmed with daily expectations.
  • You’re too busy taking care of everyone else, and no one is taking care of YOU.

Do you feel like you’re ready to feel joy and live life in motion?

Guided meditation is a gentle process of connecting the mind, body and spirit. It allows the body to rest, the mind to focus on a peaceful journey and listen to our internal wisdom.

Meditation is a wonderful activity to de-stress, strengthen your intuition, find solutions to a life challenge, connect with Self (Higher Self/Universe/God/Spirit), assist in healing the body naturally and helps in slowing down mind chatter. The guide meditations I offer are love-centered.

The intention of the journey is to bring both mind and body into a state of relaxation. I allow my intuition to be my guide. Each session is unique and will include a grounding and a deep breathing exercise, chakra balancing and a journey.

What’s intriguing is no two meditations are the same. The experience will vary depending on your current situation, and what you (at a soul/energetic level) need in a specific moment. You might even find that if you listen to the same meditation twice, your internal response could be different.

“YOU are your own guru. The role of the spiritual teacher/guide or healer is not to be the guru, but to assist you in exploring the unlocking of your own wisdom and healing, they are not there to fix you. Happiness is the opening and desire to explore your self-wisdom and knowing who you are from that wisdom.” -Eddie Mullins

Within each of us is the capability to answer our own questions. We are our own guru. Guided meditations is one of services I offer to assist clients in strengthening their relationship with Self, trust internal messages (intuition), reduce stress and mind-chatter, and explore the elements for a healthier life to live life in motion.

Doing these simple things prior to our call will help prepare you for your journey within:

1. Have a glass of water nearby. At the end of the meditation, it is a good idea to drink some water to help you feel “grounded” and bring you back into the here and now. Often times when working with the throat chakra we may get a tickle in our throat as we release stagnant or blocked energies within this chakra.

2. Have a pen and paper nearby. It is common to receive messages during a meditation. Write down the experience you had while in meditation; what did you see, feel, touch, hear, and/or smell? If you do not believe you received a message, that’s okay too.  There are times when it is more important that we get the mental and physical rest.

3. Sit in comfortable chair, or lay on something comfortable, in a space where you will not be interrupted and away from distractions.

4. Turn off the volume of your phone’s ring tone, or any devices that alerts you of an incoming calls, new messages or emails. Meditation is practice in which we center your attention on our self; a time of peace without distractions from the outside world.

5. Don’t worry about the “how.” An overactive mind can create a sense of insecurity or questioning Self, “Am I doing this right?” Each person experiences meditation differently, and not always the same way from one to another. There are individuals who will visualize the scene as it is played out while others remain in the darkness of having their eyes closed with the other four senses feel, smell, hear, and/or taste active.

6. At the conclusion of the guided meditation, open your eyes gently and ease into being aware of your surroundings and your physical body.

7. When guided to take in a deep breath and exhale the deep breath, try to evenly space out the duration of time. For example, breathe in through your nose for a count of six and exhale out your mouth for a count of six.

8. Our minds may wander during any type of meditation. This is normal. Try to bring your thoughts back to the guided meditation.

As a gift to you, the meditation portion of our call will
be recorded and emailed to you for future listening.

Prior to our appointment, you will receive a separate email with the
phone number* (and pin number) to dial. Our conversation period
begins at your scheduled time, please be on time.

30-Minute Session is $55
60-Minute Session is $99


Sit back, relax within the heart-centered circle of individuals desiring to align with their intuition, feel mentally and physically peaceful, and balance their chakras.

First guided meditation: chakra alignment
Second guided meditation: Peaceful Grace – a journey within.

Call-in event: a phone number* and pin will be emailed prior to the scheduled meditation.

The meditation portion of the call will be recorded; access link will be emailed afterwards.

60-Minute Group Session is free
View Events & Classes for schedule.

*Phone number is not toll-free; long distant charges may be applied by your phone provider.

Guided Meditations

Enjoy these short guided meditations that were recorded during the winter of 2015/2016.  Please note I am no longer offering the weekly meditations as stated in the videos.

Schedule your personal guided meditation: 60 minute [schedule] ~ 30 minute [schedule]

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