“Your writing is captivating and transcended me into a quiet and meditative place. I bought your book and am thinking I’d like to get a couple of more copies for friends and my 26-year-old daughter.” -VG

Love this easy to read little bits and better than I expected.
Maryann Clark (5-Star review on Amazon)

By Cindy Kochis

Get A Compass Not A Clock

Pearls of Wisdom and Quotes

Pearls of wisdom and quotes serve as gentle reminders that there is power within our words. Whether thought or verbally expressed, they contribute to our perception of reality. Beautifully written, Get A Compass Not A Clock inspires and encourages the reader to look at how beliefs of Self and other people form perceptions. Gain inspiration each day by randomly opening the book to a page and reading the phrase. Get A Compass Not a Clock can be utilized as a tool for those moments when things appear to be going in an unwanted direction and you wish for guidance to reinforce the strength deep within your heart. When the chosen page is one of the five photographs, look beyond the image for your message.

A Personal Note From The Author

Cindy Kochis

Get A Compass Not A Clock is a collection of pearls of wisdom and quotes I wrote when I put pen to paper in a journal, and the words of support I offered to friends and family as they faced adversity.

Years prior to compiling the content for the book, I had written the quote “Get a compass not a clock” on page two of the florescent yellow notebook I utilized as a journal. It was to serve as a reminder each time I opened the notebook to follow my heart and not someone else’s clock. Little did I know it would be the title to a book of inspiration.

I’m a writer; it’s what I do.
I share personal stories of transformation; it’s how I heal.

Other Books

UnLeash Your Story

A Journal Writer’s Guide Book

Format: Paperback & Kindle

Unleash Your Inner Magnificence

Soul-inspiring Stories That Will Remind You of Your Magnificence

Format: Kindle

Smoothie Basics

Discover how smoothies can improve your health and how simple it can be!

Format: eBook

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There is power within our words. They can empower us, defeat our ambitions and bleed an ink pen dry. Each one of us has a unique story to share. Our pearls of wisdom can liberate and transform the life of one person, maybe even a thousand. We are here to be heard, to guide, to live life in motion and explore the elements for a healthier life!

– C.K. Kochis

Coming Soon!

Available Fall of 2019

At Sunrise

A Grieving Momma’s Journey to Living Life In Motion

In the summer of 2017, I sold my home of twenty-six years, disconnected from all that was familiar and set out on a Soul’s Journey.  The intent was to heal from the death of my oldest son. At the state parks along the back roads and highways to and from New Mexico, I write about my adventures in a blog series titled The Adventure Begins. This book goes beyond the weekly posts to tell the my story of loneliness, self-loathing, courage, bizarre encounters and discovering Self-love along the way.

Coming Soon!

Available Winter of 2019

The Edge of Awareness

A journey of from barely existing to living life in motion.

Let face it, I put everyone else’s needs in front of my own. I soaked up the descriptions and labels used to describe me as if they were my own. Life became chaotic and emotionally overwhelming. The doldrums of relentless cycles of daily routines both bored and challenged me. 

It took the healing quest from my oldest son’s death for me to get past the “someday” statement to actively participate in a life in motion. Someday would happen when I had enough money, someone thought I was adorable, was done with the chores, had a successful business, wasn’t so stressed, had more confidence and so forth. 

In my own exploration of the elements for a healthier life, I reached the pivotal point where there is a powerful awareness on the edge of each trauma. I am no longer interested in asking others for what I should do next. I am seeking to fall in love with myself, respect the woman I am, and gain access to uncensored answers from within – to hear my divine voice.

“On the edge of awareness, something miraculous happens. Change.” -C.K. Kochis

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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“Have I told you lately that when I read your blogs I get “SO FREAKING INSPIRED!”? Your book, when it is done, is going to change a lot of lives, especially your own. The rest of us will just have to live the adventure through you.” ~ Barb P., comment from It’s the Little Things


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