Hiring An Editor

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Your Voice Has Power

Benefits To Working With An Editor

  • Maintain a consistent voice
  • You’ll dig deeper into your storyline
  • Creates a better experience for the reader

Developmental Editing

Story development and editing the manuscript draft



Check for consistent voice, punctuation, and storyline flow



The final round of editing to verify spelling, grammar, and puncutation

“[I] just wanted to share with you that you make me so happy with your thorough and detailed editing of my book. I feel taken care of and important.”

Christin Bjergbakke

Author, Channeled Messages of Love and Light



Your story matters. Your words have power.

You worked hard to compose your written project and you’re ready to take it to the next level. Together we’ll go beyond finding spelling errors, locating extra spaces between words, misaligned paragraphs, and other elements that create an inconsistent look and feel to the project.

  • Verify storyline, voice, and message consistency
  • Assist the storyline to evolve (if necessary)
  • Proofread and suggest edits to the content 

Who Utilizes This Flexible Solution?

  • Indie authors, writers & bloggers
  • Website designers
  • and anyone publishing content

Your Story Matters

Non-fiction & Fiction

Developmental Editing

Ensure the characters maintain continuity, are recognizable (maintain personality, appearance, etcetera), and have a purpose. The relationship between you, the author, and the individuals were formed within your imagination. It’s a unique relationship that I understand.

Focus on storyline structure to ensure the foundation is well established. This involves point of view, plot, tense, written voice, timelines, locations, and etcetera. Offer suggestions to deepen the storyline, expand on areas needing more explanation, and red-line elements that dangle and do not carry its weight.

Includes: One reading of the manuscript looking for story cohesion. A second reading can be requested post-edit at a discounted rate. One complimentary 60-minute Zoom call post-edits is included to discuss editor notes and author questions; additional time will be billed at service rate.


It’s time to revise the manuscript to improve its readability. The focus is on sentence structure, grammatical and factual errors, clarity of the plot, voice consistency, and stylized use of punctuation and tone. 

Includes: One reading of the manuscript. A second reading can be requested post-edit at a discounted rate. A complimentary 30-minute Zoom call after read-through to discuss editor notes and author questions; additional time will be billed at service rate.


The last step before publishing or sharing your manuscript. This is when the project is checked for errors and verify the punctuation mistakes, typos, formatting issues, and inconsistencies have been corrected.

Client Book Projects

“Guided By Love”
Copyediting, Layout, & Book Cover

“Channeled Messages of Love and Light”
Copyediting, Layout, & Book Cover

Writing a book does not have to be a lonely journey.

Connect with fellow writers, authors and bloggers in a weekly conversation.


What To Expect

  • A creative community that inspires you to write
  • Encouragement to take action steps towards writing goals
  • Explore writing and editing techniques utilizing weekly learning content
  • Discover ways to bring out natural creative skills
  • You’ll motivate fellow members writers and offer insights
  • Explore options to publish projects

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