Deleting Thoughts & A Bad FD In New York

Deleting Thoughts & A Bad FD In New York

“Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don’t resist them; that only creates sorrow. Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like.”
― Lao Tzu

Today I had to restore my website utilizing a backup from Friday. In the process I lost an awesome blog post. How amazing was my wit and humor? It was so good that I cannot even think of the topic, what was so cutesy about it nor the title. Augh. Seriously my mind went blank.

Gotta love it when the Divine says, “Yeah. You’re not publishing that.”

I probably rambled on about how physically tortuous moving can be on one’s body. I have bruises in places I don’t remember bumping! Maybe I wrote an academy award winning brain dump on something fun and exciting. Wait. Did I do anything that exciting? Huh. I don’t think so…

Today, however, I am trying to sort my “living arrangements” for the next couple of months?

Option #1 – Live In A Car

I did camp Saturday night in the vehicle I’m borrowing. That was a wake up call all in its own.

I have had have had this romanticized dream-slash-fantasy of being free from a mortgage, job, kids, dogs and go roam the world free to do whatever whenever. I aligned myself with exactly that and WHAM! Is this what I thought it would be? Kinda. No. Yes. Sorta.

I left the comforts of the house I’m sofa-surfing for a night of… of… of… what could be my adventure. Let’s put it this way, I have a good idea what it would be like to be homeless without a place to return to. I granted myself the experience of realizing what it must be like to not have a toilet, shower, place to cook or any amenities of home. I can tell you – I did NOT like it at all!

Option #2 – Travel With A Pull-Behind Camper

A friend and I did a three-day mad dash out to New York to visit someone. As I drove the Pennsylvania turnpike through the Appalachian Mountains winding this way and that, I thought there’s no way I want to tow a trailer. Miles of the highway were lined with orange barrels, bright reflectors attached to concrete barriers and shredded semi-truck tires.

Maybe after this gal gets some hours behind the wheel of a vehicle towing a camper it would become second nature, but for now on the beginning stages of my adventure my desire is to keep from white-knuckling a steering wheel.

P.S. We Found A Front Desk Clerk Not Eager To Sell Rooms

Traveling with a dog poses a few challenges. For example, lodging.

With the remnants of Hurricane Florence filling the skies over New York, we decided it would be best to hunker down for the night and do the return drive the next morning. We called several of the lodging options that appeared on our MapQuest search. It was the fourth or fifth place we called that would allow pets.

Sitting in a random parking lot, attempting to keep dry from the rain, the reservationist we spoke to was kind and eager to set up our stay. Due to the weather and our location the spotty cell service made communication difficult. We asked the woman on the other end of the phone if we could complete the reservation in person. She said, “Yes. Of course.”

When we approached the front desk of the hotel, we explained that we had started a reservation and needed to complete it. The front desk clerk #1 (FD-1), without looking at the computer, told us we didn’t have a reservation. She then proceeded to tell us they don’t have pet friendly units. We reminded her that we were in the process of booking a pet friendly room and it states on their website that they allow dogs.

Firm in her decision, FD-1 again told us they didn’t have any pet friendly rooms and the reservationist doesn’t know what she’s talking about. So, what does one do in that situation? Call the reservationist.

In the parking lot, we dialed the phone number again and shared our experience with the FD-1. Since I wasn’t the one on the phone, I cannot share in full detail what the conversation entailed.

Returning to the front desk for the second time, FD-1 was now our dearest friend. She smiled and greeted us as if her job depended on her interaction with us. We directed our attention to the second front desk clerk (FD-2) to complete the reservation. She was a lot nicer then FD-1.

I worked six years in the hospitality whelm as a reservationist. We did everything we could to make sure we booked rooms – even the pet friendly units. Had we treated anyone with such poor service, our position with the company would have been terminated.

Option #3 – Truck With A Truck-Bed Camper

Now this option makes me think of the going off-road to hunt and fish. I don’t know why, but it’s the first thing that comes to mind when I see trucks with the campers in the bed.

I’m not big into fishing, although I love to sit in a boat.

I’m not big into hunting, although I love sitting out in the woods silently listening for critters.

I am curious to explore this option further.

Option #4 – Conversion Van / Class B Camper

Imagine, for a moment, driving down the road and the pangs of hunger knot your tummy. You park the vehicle, pivot to the center (between the two bucket seats), take three steps to the refrigerator. How cool would that be?

I’ve traveled several times in a RoadTrek van and L-O-V-E-D it!

What’s holding me back from purchasing one? The cost. My limited budget won’t afford me any that I’ve found for sale.

Option #5 – Sofa Surfing, VRBO, Hotel Hopping & Etc.

If I were younger, and more courageous, I might consider sofa-surfin’. Nah. Who am I kidding? Nope.

VRBO and hotel hopping does have its appeal. Can I afford it? Do I want to lug around a suitcase and can of Lysol? Hold on, I’m doing that now! Huh… VRBO would give me a sense of home for a week or two (maybe longer). They are everywhere. Huh…


I suppose deleting my original thoughts was a good thing. This has forced me to put #pentopaper and write about what’s on my mind. It has helped me narrow down how I want to travel in the near future. Time to take action.

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  1. Trilby Johnson

    Yeah love when the Universal Editor steps in right!! (Not always, but am getting better at allowing 🙂 ) So love sharing these great ideas as to alternative accommodation Cindy. As I have to move soon as well, it was great to explore these options with you. Great blog. Thank you.

    • C.K. Kochis

      I agree, Trilby. The Universal Editor does have a unique way of shifting our direction. Thank you for your kind words.

  2. Donna Reeve

    I hate when I lose a brilliant post & God’s got other plans!!
    As for your living arrangements, it seems like you’ve thought a lot about your options. May you pick the one that’s safe & feels like home until you figure out your ideal housing arrangements. Until then, enjoy the adventure. I’d love to read more.

    • C.K. Kochis

      Me, too! Trusting it’s for the best is not always easy. It can drive a sane writer to utter madness!

  3. Donna Reeve

    Speaking of deleted posts…
    I left a comment but it seems to have disappeared, lol.
    I’ll try again. So if you see a 2nd one, feel free to delete this one 🙂
    You have thought out your options in detail. I’m sure that you will pick the safe & aligned option that best suits you as you figure out your more permanent housing situation. Until then, enjoy the adventure!

    • C.K. Kochis

      Ahh… Yes… Your first comment disappeared into the hidden pocket of moderation, Donna.

      Even in the initial state of overwhelm, I am enjoying the overly-abundant-options adventure. 😉

  4. Heather

    LOVE #pentopaper to allow us to write what’s on our mind…


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