Our voice is more than verbal communication. It is our body language, how we dress, our attitude, the words we select, and the way we convey expression.


Issue 01 | May 2016
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Several months after I published the first issue of Elements For A Healthier Life Magazine, a friend, who is in the ‘biz’, told me the worst thing I could have done was put that photo of me on the cover. I should have been dressed in business attire, my hair styled and no sunglasses.

That photo is exactly how you will see me on a given summer day when I’m able to escape my computer and float on a nearby river or lake. That is me. That is who I am.

I am not a woman who enjoys the feel of polyester clinging to her hips and thighs. Right now as I type this post, I am wearing a long sleeve tee and a flannel shirt with my blue jeans and hiking boots. Sure, I like to dress up on occasion – on occasion.

My intention for Elements For A Healthier Life Magazine is to encourage you to be who you are, how you are without criticism, nor judgment, from Self. In the long run, isn’t our opinion of our self the one that matters?

Several weeks ago, I interviewed with Kat Tozier in her podcast series of Indomitable Women. I invite you to listen to our conversation…

Indomitable Women Podcast

This week on the podcast, my guest is the indomitable Cindy Kochis. She shares shares the story of how she stepped out of conformity and expectations, dug deep to discover her passion and purpose, and launched her magazine – a magazine that, in just a few short months – has a world-wide readership.  Listen here:  indomitablewomen.libsyn.com

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