About an hour ago I was standing at the meat counter talking to the butcher and catching up on each others family-life. He’s been a dear friend of mine for years. His wife and I have been close friends since high school.

I asked him if their motorcycles were put away yet, or if they were holding out until snow. Our conversation casually rolled into the charity food drive their motorcycle club is doing this weekend for several local organizations.

Over the counter we talked about people’s reactions when they see volunteers collecting non-perishable food donations. He’s encountered the rich man who drove up in an expensive car, dressed to the hilt with a long black trench coach who was rude to the volunteers. And he’s talked to the scruffy man who looked like he’d been working on the farm, and didn’t have two nickles to rub together, that purchased a shopping cart nearly full to donate. There are the individuals who pretend not to see the volunteers and will go to great lengths to avoid walking near the donation drop-off site. On the flip side, he’s witnessed many parents encouraging their children to hand a boxed meal and a can of food to one of the volunteers.  My friend stated, “Just one box could be someone’s dinner tomorrow night.”

It’s quite easy to see what a person values in these situations. There is the man whose identity is determined by the value of his finances, and the man who values compassion and kindness.

As I drove home, I wondered if people really pay attention to those businesses in the community that donate their time, products and services? Does the community patronize those who generously give to those in need?

The holidays are quickly approaching and there will be volunteers seeking various donations to help those less fortunate. In turn, thank the volunteers and the “givers” by visiting their place of business and spending your money with them. Do what you are able to keep the flow moving, even if it’s purchasing a can of corn.

And, by the way, they’re planning to ride as much as they can until the snow flies.

Much love to you, Pat and Lorri.  You are making a difference.

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