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A Little Thing Called Vulnerability

by | Jun 26, 2019

“Vulnerability is the birthplace of love, belonging, joy, courage, empathy, and creativity. It is the source of hope, empathy, accountability, and authenticity. If we want greater clarity in our purpose or deeper and more meaningful spiritual lives, vulnerability is the path.”
― Brené Brown

“I’m writing a book,” she stated to her friend.

“That’s wonderful. I always thought about writing a book, too. But,” her friend paused and eyes focused in the direction of the far corner in the room, “but, I don’t think I’m any good at writing. Besides, I don’t have the time to do it.”


There are three main reasons we hold ourselves back from writing: time, accountability, self-confidence.


“I don’t have enough time…” is the number one reason as to why people don’t move forward with writing blogs, articles, books, marketing material, class assignments and so forth. We all have time; it’s how we choose to utilize it.


“I’m don’t write consistently. I’ll right one day and then skip four. If I had someone holding me accountable, I’d write…” is the second reason individuals state. It is a choice to write, or not write, in this moment.


“Shit. I’m not any good at writing. Besides, who’d read what I…” is a good example of the third reason people pursue their desire to express themselves in written form.


At the root of time, accountability and self-confidence is vulnerability. Taking action towards any goal, we have to be vulnerable to Self (more so than with our audience). The beliefs about what we are capable of accomplishing is the binding agent to the mix of resistance to commit.

Vulnerability has an important role in any project we decide to accomplish. Does anyone really want to be vulnerable? No. It’s uncomfortable.

Our mindset will determine our level of success. If you believe you can, you will. If you resist following through on the project due to what you believe you can accomplish, procrastination will prove your inability to complete a task right.

As I writer and publisher, I have come to understand that vulnerability is where the good stuff is. It’s where the story resides within our writing. It’s what makes the words we pour onto the pages relatable to our readers.The emotions shared on the pages can provide a sense of knowing I’m not alone, expand their knowledge and understanding for things they are unfamiliar with or have not experienced.

We discover the true purpose for sharing our story when we allow ourselves to be vulnerable. 

In order to make the time, hold ourself accountable and evaluate our confidence, we have to be vulnerable to the most important person in the room – Self.

Straight From The Pen To Paper Writer’s Circle Page On Vulnerability

7 Steps to establishing a writing habit.

For those who work best from a point of structure:

  1. Decide what the book (blog post, article) is about.
  2. Set a daily word count (or duration of time) writing goal.
  3. Determine the time of day you’ll write daily.
  4. Decide where you’ll write each day.
  5. Determine if you will hand-write or type.
  6. Ask yourself if you feel that an outline will help or hinder your creativity (an outline is a roadmap or blueprint for your fiction and non-fiction. It tells you where you need to go and when in chronological order). Follow through on your preferred choice.
  7. Write.

For those who work best from the seat of their pants:

  1. Write everyday.
  2. Write when the mood strikes.
  3. Write where you’re at.
  4. Write however you can get the words to flow in the moment.
  5. Write in whatever mood you’re in.
  6. Write in the most inopportune time because it feels rebellious, naughty and like you might get caught doing something you’re not suppose to do.
  7. Write.

Are you a writer craving a community that’ll help you hold yourself accountable and provide the encouragement you desire?