[Originally posted on another blog site November 2015]

Today is an EXCITING days for me!

It’s a day that I want to celebrate and share with YOU and ask for your love and support!

Today is a BIG DAY because my very intimate and personal soul story, A Daughter’s Quest, is featured in the Unleash Your Inner Magnificence Kindle book released this morning.

It is exciting to share my sacred story, along with twenty-nine others, in a book that has been published by five time best-selling publisher Linda Joy of Inspired Living Publishing—the boutique publishing company dedicated to ‘transforming women’s lives one story at a time’.

As you’ll discover Unleash Your Inner Magnificence is filled with soul-inspiring stories of women, including YOURS TRULY, who summoned the courage to own their magnificence and, in doing so, transformed their lives, relationships, businesses and/or health.

As each of us discovered, when you tap into your courage, and claim and bring forth your magnificence and gifts, it breeds self-confidence and serves as powerful inspiration for other women on the path.  As you learn to let your inner light shine brightly, you will attract the perfect partners, experiences and opportunities.

It’s time to get this sacred and inspiring compilation of stories into the hands and hearts of women around the world.
Order a copy of the Unleash Your Inner Magnificence Kindle Book TODAY.

As our publisher Linda Joy shares in the Introduction…
“I passionately believe that when women share their stories, truth, and wisdom with authenticity and vulnerability that they have the power to inspire and empower another woman on her journey of healing and self-discovery. The sacred stories in Unleash Your Inner Magnificence are from vibrant women who faced their fears, healed their hearts, and claimed their feminine power. My deepest desire is that their stories will inspire you to unleash YOUR inner magnificence.”

Thank you for your love and support.