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A Chiweenie Tale

by | Aug 21, 2019

“Dogs have a way of finding the people who need them, and filling an emptiness we didn’t ever know we had.” –Thom Jones

A large gator waited, still and silent, outside the gated door. Willie James was not afraid. He’s a brave soul. Empowered with the confidence of a might wrangler, Willie James peered down on the gator and wrestled him deep into the Den of Chiweenies. Dun-dun-duuuuunnnn! Oh my… Having a puppy is going to fill my imagination with a ton of short (chiweenie size) stories.

Meet Willie James – King of Roads, Ruler of Naptime and Conquer of Stuffed Gators. He rescued me the moment I met him. The Benzie County Animal Welfare League had two litters (nine males and one female) of Chihuahua and Dachshund mix puppies available for adoption on Saturday.

I’ve shared the following statement a half dozen times, and it’s warranted here as well: “If you want to make God laugh, tell him about your plans.” ―Woody Allen

Each and every time someone would suggest that I needed a dog to go with me on my adventure, I’d scoff, and state with great conviction, “NO!”

“But you need a companion,” they’d say.

I had amble reasons to avoid involving a pet on this journey, and they all seemed to vanish when I stepped into the room with ten puppies running and playing and began tuggin’ on the volunteer’s shoe laces.

You know what? How about I take you back to how this all got started. It’s rather ironic how these things happen for me.

Last week Thursday, my mother mentioned there was Doxie Chihuahua mix puppies ready for adoption at the pound on Saturday. I, being me, said, “Nope. No thanks. I don’t need a dog; especially a puppy.” That night, while I laid in bed unable to sleep, wondered what it would be like to have a small puppy along for the ride. I fell asleep weighing the pros and cons.

Friday morning, I reached out to a friend to talk through my indecision of getting a dog. That evening, as I was about two miles from her home after picking up the dog carrier she gifted me, I blurted out, “Jeremiah, if it is my best interest get one of these Chiweenies, give me a sign that is undeniable. Seriously, Dude, I need to know if it’s wise for me to get a dog or not. The sign has to be kick-ass awesome so there’s no denying it.”

Within three miles I received that undeniable sign.

From the passenger side of the truck, a red-tailed hawk flew in front of me as if merging into traffic. He flew directly in front of where I was sitting in the truck at eye level for a legitimate twenty seconds before gliding to the left and over the field.

Hawks are symbolic to me. This was especially true last winter as they reassured me I was on the right path as I traveled the highways, roads and the occasional two-tracks. Anytime I asked for confirmation I was following my intuition and headed to the best place for me to visit, I’d find a hawk perched on a road sign or tree branch, feasting on road-kill, or flying overhead. I knew it was there to let me know I was going in the right direction and I wasn’t alone.

After the red tail hawk glided effortlessly, without flapping his wings, to the left of my truck, I laughed and teared up. “Thanks, kid. That was definitely an undeniable sign,” I said to an empty truck.

I was blessed to have first choice of the puppies. The decision was hard. One little guy sat up on his bottom and reach up to me. He was a bit of a rascal and wasn’t certain I wanted to deal with that. I picked up the calmest on in the group and as I stood at the counter filling out the paperwork, I realized, “You’re not my pup. You belong to someone else.”

I was granted permission to select another family member. I heard Jeremiah say, “He’s reaching for you.” When I looked down, the same little rascal was sitting on his bottom reaching up to me. He was the only one reaching for me.

And that’s the tale of how Willie James – King of Roads, Ruler of Naptime and Conquer of Stuffed Gators – landed his spot next to me on this journey. 

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  1. Vatsala Shukla

    Permission to write with a wide grin and a ‘I told you to get a pet dog’ when we last spoke, Cindy? 🙂

    Willie James is absolutely a lady killer of a guy. No wonder you had to get him! We had an entire family of dachshunds for 20 years – different generations the works and they are lovely dogs.

    Looking forward to reading about the adventures of Captain Naptime.

    • C.K. Kochis

      Willie James is adorable and playful. Right now he’s napping beside me as I work. My daughter-in-family and her family has a couple of dachshunds and this little guy will fit right in with them.

      And, yes, I suspect I’m going to hear the line “I told ya so…” a lot.

      Thanks, Vatsala, for your kind words and support.

  2. Debra Oakland

    The Chiweenie Tale is amazing, but not surprising know you Cindy. I am so happy for you and Willie James – he sounds like the perfect traveling partner. Enjoy! 🙂

    • C.K. Kochis

      Thanks, Debra. Willie James is an amazing traveling partner. And, people of all ages love him!

  3. Heather

    I LOVE this story. I have one of my own. I had my first cat for 20 yrs after I lost her I lost my other one a few years later which seemed too soon in my eyes. I had had cats my whole life. I suddenly wanted a break. It was odd to get used to the house without one. Eventually I felt divinely encouraged to get another. Not one but 2. I said this time I want boys and I want one to be black. A friend called and said his mom had picked up a cat who just had babies and she wanted to give them to a good home. I drove almost 4 hours to get them. I said to myself they will pick me. Whichever comes to me would be the one and there was only one black cat. I had prayed he was the one and that no one would get him before me. It worked perfectly. The was 6 yrs ago this July and they are the best of brothers and stay by my side. I know they were a gift from the Universe.

    • Andrea

      Congratulations on your new family member. I look forward to reading about your adventures together.

      • C.K. Kochis

        Thanks, Andrea. I’m looking forward to the adventures Willie James and I will experience together.

    • C.K. Kochis

      Awe. Heather, I love that you shared your story with me. They are certainly gifts from the Universe. Enjoy!

  4. Suzie Cheel

    The Chiweenie story is amazing, and love your traveling companion- I can feel your joy xxx

    • C.K. Kochis

      He is a wonderful traveling companion, isn’t he? I’m looking forward to our adventures. Thanks, Suzie.

  5. Tae Lynne

    I was one of the ones who told you that you should get a dog as a traveling companion on your journey. But I respected your decision not to, understanding the added responsibility & cost that could incur. So I am THRILLED Jeremiah gave you the sign to go for it. I see an amazing adventure ahead for you & precious Willie James! Look forward to reading about them! XO

    • C.K. Kochis

      Yes, Tae, you definitely advocated for a furry friend to ride in the passenger seat as I cruise the highways and back roads. Thanks for all your love and support.


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