You Are Ready To Live Life In Motion!

Hello, Beautiful One!

I am thrilled you are here and considering the opportunity to participate. The intention of this awareness program is to guide you on an adventure to unlock your potential and live life in motion.

Each time we experience a toxic job, unhealthy relationships or other unwanted situations, it provides us with the opportunity to learn about our self. We have the choice to adjust our mindset which ultimately leads to altering our circumstances.

The 21-Day Live Life In Motion Alignment self-study program was created as a result of my heartbreak to gently care for myself. After my son’s death, almost everything in my life stopped so I could grieve. I had no energy for the routine things I enjoyed. I ate what gave me comfort, lounged in a recliner and distracted my unfocused mind on movies and binged on television series, and eventually separated myself from friends and family thinking no one wanted to hear my sob story anymore.

You and I are on different paths. What connects us is the familiarity to our stories. You may be asking…

Now what?
Where do I start?
What does it mean to live life in motion?

“With Awareness Comes Adjustment”

Join me for the next 21-days as we focus on eating healthier, moving our precious bodies, connecting with Self, in the workplace and strengthening relationships.

Week One: With Awareness Comes Adjustment

  • Day 1 – Relationship
  • Day 2 – Workplace
  • Day 3 – In The Kitchen
  • Day 4 – Body Movement
  • Day 5 – Spirituality
  • Day 6 – Review Week
  • Day 7 – Connect

Week Two: Explore Our Passions

  • Day 8 – Relationship
  • Day 9 – Workplace
  • Day 10 – In The Kitchen
  • Day 11 – Body Movement
  • Day 12 – Spirituality
  • Day 13 – Review Week
  • Day 14 – Connect

Week Three: Focus on the Elements For A Healthier Life

  • Day 15 – Relationship
  • Day 16 – Workplace
  • Day 17 – In The Kitchen
  • Day 18 – Body Movement
  • Day 19 – Spirituality
  • Day 20 – Review Week
  • Day 21 – Connect

We will explore how the elements for a healthier life affect your health as a whole, set goals and create action steps towards the life you desire. For best results, set aside a minimum of one hour each day and approach the emails as a discovery session to unravel the aspects of what’s holding you back from experiencing what you desire. Your outcome to this program will depend on the effort you put into it.

What are the Elements For A Healthier Life?

My coaching* practice is based on the concept that everything is connected and each aspect affects the other elements.

  • Workplace
  • Relationships
  • Body Movement
  • Spirituality
  • Nourishment (how and what we fuel precious bodies)

The Intention of 21-Day Live Life In Motion Alignment

  • Explore ways to activate a Life In Motion that resonates with YOU.
  • Acknowledge and listen to your inner voice.
  • Decipher your unique mind, body and spiritual needs.

Participants Receive

  • Daily assignments emailed to your inbox
  • Email support (one email per week)
  • Printable worksheets

Join me for the next twenty-one days and live life in motion.

Your investment: $29

Refund Policy:
Full refund is available up to 48 hours after purchasing the 21-Day Live Life In Motion Adjustment program. No refunds after 48 hours after purchasing the 21-Day Live Life In Motion Adjustment program.

*Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach by the Institute For Integrative Nutrition.