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10++ Rating At Sunset

by | Aug 30, 2019

“Your name should be Precious, not Willie James. You’re too adorable to be called anything other than Precious.” -a friend

We arrived at the mouth of Platte River Thursday evening with only a few minutes to spare before the sun set into Lake Michigan’s horizon.

A couple approached from down river heading to their vehicle a short distance from where Willie James, a friend and I stood admiring the pinks, oranges and yellows the sunset cast into the western sky.

They greeted us, and the woman asked, “Can I pet you puppy?”

I replied, “Sure. Of course.”

They asked the standard line of questions: what’s his/her name, what breed, how old and how big will he get. To which I reply, “This is Willie James, he’s an 11 week old chiweenie – dad was a chihuahua and mom a doxie. Based on his feet, he won’t get too much bigger.”

“May I take a picture of him?” she asked. “We share pictures of puppies we meet on our walks with our grandchildren and we rate them. They’re going to rate Willie James a ten-plus!”

It felt a little awkward to be asked if someone could take pictures of a my dog, but what’s the harm? “Sure. I suppose.”

Willie James posed for the woman about as well as he does for me…not. He sat perfectly posed while she prepped her cellphone for the shot; as soon as she started to kneel down to snap his picture, he bounced like doxies do to her feet.  At least he didn’t wrap his red nylon lead around her walking sticks, calves and ankles… that would happen after their grandkids responded to the photograph and we shared a few quick stories of dogs, grandkids and traveling.

A mom walked calve-deep up the river’s edge with a 10-foot olive green kayak in tow. Her young son, maybe two years in age with big loppy blonde curls, sat peacefully amongst their beach-fun supplies. A short distance upriver beyond us, she arrived to the spot next to a similar kayak and set it on the shore for loading their vehicle. The boy climbed out of the boat, and softly said, “Puppy.”

The mom held her son’s hand as they walked up to see the puppy and ask if they could pet him. Again, I shared that he was an 11 week old chiweenie in response to the standard line of questions. Both the toddler and puppy were gentle with each other. It was one of those precious moments of innocence that melts a mother’s (and a grandma’s) heart. Mom shared with us they have a large mastiff at home and her child hasn’t seen a dog this small before.

Several more individuals stopped to pet Willie James. This is how our “walks” in public settings play out. I’ve never been one to be center of attention or attract a crowd. Willie James, on the other hand, is soaking up all the love and pettings.

In case you were wondering, Willie James got an A++ from the first couple’s grandchildren.

Willie James, one day your adorable charm is going to make you famous. Until then, we’ll keep strolling around the area while we wait for the green light (and next round of puppy-shots) from the veterinarian. It’s important to me that Willie James continues to be socialized and introduced to various environments daily to ensure traveling is enjoyable for both of us.

Captured moments along the way…

Sailing Lake Michigan
Naptime for Willie James, Blue Croc and George.
Dune Dogs in Glen Arbor, Michigan
Sunset over Loon Lake, Honor, Michigan

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