How long has it been since you checked the dashboard of your WordPess website? An ignored dashboard can be a playground for hackers, viruses and all sorts of unpleasantries. As a result, Google may blacklist your domain. That means no one will be able to find, or access, your website or email addresses using that domain name.

During a discovery session with a new client, she mentioned receiving a email from Google stating this site may be hacked and wondered if it was a scam. With her busy schedule, the email sat on the back-burner and unattended. When I spoke to a hosting company regarding the action steps to follow, they informed me Google had started the process for blacklisting her domain. The client immediately reached out to her hosting company and the issue was cleared up within 24 to 48 hours.

Updating WordPress plugins, add-ons and themes (including the inactive themes you’ve uploaded) is vital in protecting your website. The purpose of the continuous software updates is to prevent and block the infestations of hackers, viruses and other unpleasantries. It may be inconvenient, and an easily forgotten task, to visit your WordPress dashboard, however it is very important.

For individuals that have the “set it and forget it” website, I recommend selecting one day each month to tend to the maintenance. For example: the same day you pay your mortgage, on the first of the month, or the first Monday of the month.

For the individuals that access their dashboard more than once a month, I recommend updating the themes, plugins and add-ons as they become available.

If you’re the type of person who knows the task of maintenance will be left undone, hire a virtual assistant to keep the software up-to-date.

In the event you do receive a notification from Google, contact your website hosting company immediately! They will assist you in fixing the affected files and provide you with solutions to prevent another infestation.

Having a website is wonderful way to showcase YOU, your products and services. Be sure to keep it protected.