When I read the following quote on Kelley Grimes’ blog post titled “Are You Exactly Where You Need To Be?“, I felt a whoosh of energy flow through every cell in my body. There’s something weaved into Amy’s words that I need to explore.

“I am exactly where I need to be, I need to be exactly where I am, I am surrendering so willingly…” ~Amy Steinberg

Traversing through this God-forsaken journey of grieving the loss of my son has been hell, to say the least. For the past month, it has felt like the Universe has strapped my ass down to a chair and told me I cannot get up until I review the past thirty years of my life. I’ve experienced more personal -growth, -destruction, -expansion, -loathing, but the hardest lesson I am contending with right now is self-UNCONDITIONAL-love. Yeah, this one is the hardest pill I’ve had to swallow.

Since April, I have…

…learned the painful lesson of how to be a better parent/role model/friend/guide a bit too late. I accept that I did the best I could with what I knew then. Hindsight is not always kind.

…accepted, and fully understand, that each person has free-will to make their own choices. This wisdom is a blessing and a curse.

…a better understanding of gratitude. No one can show, tell, force, teach, expect, guide you on how to be grateful. It is something you experience. Gratitude is an emotion that casts a unique vibration of love you feel.

…stopped pushing myself to be what I thought I was meant to be. Wow. There’s a statement to ponder. I have stopped pushing myself to be what I thought I was meant to be. An AHA lurched from my heart as it skipped a beat. Once I allowed myself time to just be, I gained insight and clarity on how I can best serve others as coach. More importantly, I am trusting each footstep and know I am divinely guided to where I am going.

…accepted unconditional love and compassion. It’s well-known that it’s easier to give love than receive it. Our mindset and beliefs of self interprets how to we allow others to extend their love and compassion to us. People can love you openly, however you cannot feel their expression of love if you are not open to receiving it. Another statement to ponder.

Hindsight is not always kind. This wisdom is a blessing and a curse. There is grand potential for me to help others with what I learn.

In my journey as a coach, I have had the good fortune to meet some amazing professionals. Each one of us has unique talents and offerings to help transform the lives of those who seek to improve their situation. I feel we gain valuable insights and wisdom through our powerful stories. In my opinion, the best coaches coach based on the experiences they have lived. I am walking through the hardest journey of my life for a reason – there is a reason for everything – and it is to help people adjust to their situations so they too can live life in a forward motion.

I am grateful for the Divine’s (God/Spirit/Intuition) insistence that I sit down and rest. It is during this time that I am witnessing more of what I want to experience and that which I do not. I am simply letting go of my need to control and trusting my intuition. I am exactly where I need to be, I need to be exactly where I am, I am surrendering so willingly.

I am adjusting my perception of life. Are you ready to adjust yours?