What Mood Is Your Website In?

Did you know that the colors you choose to use on your website can, and will, affect the viewer’s response to the overall message you’re conveying?

A lot of thought goes into creating a website. The structure and function-ability provide the foundation; the color palette evokes an emotional response mood.

It’s a tactic that’s used in marketing campaigns. For example Cocoa-Cola’s red logo portrays energy, enthusiasm, and Facebook’s blue logo casts the feeling of thoughtfulness and trust.

I share with you below a color palette to consider when planning your logo, website design and overall message.

The basic mood psychology of colors:

Red: Energy, enthusiasm, emotion, power

Dark Red: Passion, depth, dominance, prestige

Orange: Positive, dynamic, optimistic, confident

Pale Yellow: Friendly, approachable, warm

Bold Yellow: Ambition, motivation, creativity, cutting edge

Green: Nature, vitality, environment, health

Blue: Dependability, trust, thoughtfulness, calm

Dark Blue: Deep sincerity, intuition, truth

Light Purple: Prosperity, spirituality, creativity, harmony

Dark Purple: Depth, wealth, mystery, fantasy

Grey: Sophistication, knowledge, prestige, wisdom

Pink: Youth, playfulness, emotion, innocence

White: Clean, straightforward, self-sufficient, simple

Black: Authority, power, control, mystery, suspense

Brown: Natural, of the earth, comfortable, organic


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