What Mood Is Your Website In?

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Did you know that the colors you choose to use on your website can, and will, affect the viewer’s response to the overall message you’re conveying?

A lot of thought goes into creating a website. The structure and function-ability provide the foundation; the color palette evokes an emotional response mood.

It’s a tactic that’s used in marketing campaigns. For example Cocoa-Cola’s red logo portrays energy, enthusiasm, and Facebook’s blue logo casts the feeling of thoughtfulness and trust.

I share with you below a color palette to consider when planning your logo, website design and overall message.

The basic mood psychology of colors:

Red: Energy, enthusiasm, emotion, power

Dark Red: Passion, depth, dominance, prestige

Orange: Positive, dynamic, optimistic, confident

Pale Yellow: Friendly, approachable, warm

Bold Yellow: Ambition, motivation, creativity, cutting edge

Green: Nature, vitality, environment, health

Blue: Dependability, trust, thoughtfulness, calm

Dark Blue: Deep sincerity, intuition, truth

Light Purple: Prosperity, spirituality, creativity, harmony

Dark Purple: Depth, wealth, mystery, fantasy

Grey: Sophistication, knowledge, prestige, wisdom

Pink: Youth, playfulness, emotion, innocence

White: Clean, straightforward, self-sufficient, simple

Black: Authority, power, control, mystery, suspense

Brown: Natural, of the earth, comfortable, organic 

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