To Write.
To Travel.
To Explore.

There’s an abundance of stories to be shared, myths to explore and trails to hike. Nature and history captivate me. Something remarkable happens when you stand still in the natural wonders we encounter. History tells the tales of how life was experienced generation before us. Life is an amazing adventure…

Maker of Peace, Seminole Canyon State Park in Comstock, Texas
Mamoth Caves, Mamoth Cave National Park in Kentucky
Old Mill in Little Rock, Arkansas
Magnolia in Waco, Texas


Listening To The Boys

The Adventure Continues..."Self-love is being comfortable with yourself; a level of comfort that feels peaceful, calm and without worry of am I good enough, does anyone care or other thoughts of lack. There’s an unconditional respect of Self’s basic needs." - CK...

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Importance Of An Email List

"If Social Media is the cocktail party, then email marketing is the ‘meet up for coffee’. The original 1 to 1 channel." -Erik HarbisonToday, March 13th, I was gifted the exact reason I need to be building an email list for The Adventure Begins blog series. Facebook...

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Getting The Pass

To Travel. To Write. To Explore.This journey has taught me many lessons. One of the financially hardest was learning about state park passes. Due to my lack of traveling outside the state of Michigan, I have only purchased the State of Michigan park pass and the...

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Where the Dinosaurs Roamed

To Travel. To Write. To Explore.An element of traveling is sharing the experiences with the ones you love. In the case of my three grandsons, I traveled to Dinosaur Valley State Park for an afternoon and wandered several museums in Texas to photograph dinosaur...

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Prairie Dogs of Lake Arrowhead

To Travel. To Write. To Explore.The Black-tailed Prairie Dogs at Lake Arrowhead State Park near Wichita Falls, Texas, gifted me so much more than simple cute and cuddly entertainment. The campground layout is unique and unlike like any I've yet to see again. From the...

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A Sense of History at Garner State Park

To Travel. To Write. To Explore.Garner State Park, to date, remains one of the top three favorite campgrounds I've resided. Anxiety weaved thoughts of what have I gotten myself into, please let there be a place I can turn around as I drove the steep, narrow road...

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Pictographs At Semimole Canyon

To Travel. To Write. To Explore.On Sunday, I joined twenty curious individuals to see the pictographs on the Fate Bell Shelter Canyon Guided Walking Tour at the Seminole Canyon State Park & Historical Site in the Big Bend Country region of Texas. The scheduled...

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Written Words

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The Adventure Begins

I am embarking on an adventure of a lifetime. I was presented the opportunity to change my typical lifestyle to that of a nomad.

 My creativity is flowing and it feels good to be putting pen to paper. I look forward to sharing my personal insights, pearls of wisdom and stories from the road.

Life is an amazing adventure; it was never intended to be lived in gray-scale.

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