Life is an amazing adventure

My wonderful customers are the reason why I coach. Here are some of the great things they’ve said about my services.

“So, after I was talking to you I basically got up and cleaned the cupboard.  …I pulled all of the expired canned and jarred goods out of it.  It had a layer of a sticky tar like substance from when the old cans had burst.  It was gross!  Got it cleaned up and put some new groceries in that cupboard.  Process is good!  I feel accomplished.”  -Alissa A., Michigan

“Could have used your expertise at the grocery store today.  Bet they thought I was stealing when I spent an hour on my small cart of food.  I’m trying to stay away from the processed shit.  Couldn’t believe how many young parents were stocking up on packaged freezer food, crackers, chips, and donuts.  Gross.” -Christine H., North Carolina

Being a Virtual Assistant provides me the opportunity to be creative and stretch my knowledge at the same time. Here’s a good vibe I’ve receive from one of my clients:

“Looking for help with your WP website? Don’t know the first thing about plug-ins, widgets, coding or design layout? Cindy will build you a gorgeous, interactive site that looks professional and polished. She is patient, intuitive and a good listener. If you’re a novice, she will offer suggestions, guide you and design something even better than you could have imagined. I highly recommend her services – you won’t be disappointed!” -Tae Lynne