Discover the books and journals C.K. Kochis has created to share her love of words, self-exploration and living life in motion.

“May the creative mind be free to write ‘n doodle outside the lines, boxes and margins.” – C.K. Kochis

Get A Compass Not A Clock
Pearls of wisdom and quotes serve as gentle reminders that there is power within our words. Whether thought or verbally expressed, they contribute to our perception of reality. Beautifully written, Get A Compass Not A Clock inspires and encourages the reader to look at how beliefs of Self and other people form perceptions. Gain inspiration each day by randomly opening the book to a page and reading the phrase. Get A Compass Not a Clock can be utilized as a tool for those moments when things appear to be going in an unwanted direction and you wish for guidance to reinforce the strength deep within your heart. When the chosen page is one of the five photographs, look beyond the image for your message. "You are a very strong person, extremely intelligent and gifted in so many ways you have yet to uncover." -Cindy Kochis
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UnLeash Your Story
Our words have power. The act of writing our thoughts, dreams, worries and to-do lists helps us to connect with Self. Discover what happens when you put pen to paper! Are you ready to unleash your story? From the Back Cover C.K. Kochis shares how journaling saved her life when she was sixteen years old, the benefits, her interpretation of what journaling is and simple instructions to make your own journals. Gain inspiration from the 365 journal prompts to unleash their story and cultivate a deeper connection with 'self'. This heart-centered book is intended to help  unlock expressions of emotion that are often hard to put into words, reminisce on days gone by, put dreams and goals onto paper, and to open the gateway for messages from the heart to be seen on paper.
Paperback Book BONUS – 30-days of journal pages to encourage the action of journaling.
“Unleash Your Story” encourages readers to start where they are, stop fretting about perfection, and to embrace the creative process with a willingness to be honest and vulnerable. The writing prompts are thought-provoking and help connect you to your heart center as you discover that all the answers you’ve been looking for have been within you all along."

-Shelley Lundquist International Best-Selling Author / Self-Mastery & Success Coach

"I just read the whole book (again) and I love it. It makes me want to take pen and paper and start journaling. I love that C.K. started it with her story, it is very powerful and tells A LOT in a few words. This book is very relatable and very inspiring."

-Rachel Kieffer Certified Nutrition and Health Coach

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