“Life is an amazing adventure; it was never intended to be lived in gray-scale.”

C.K. Kochis

A woman of many hats.

I, like you, have gone through plenty of transformations.

We shift, change, and rarely do we remain idle or stagnate.

Life provides us with experiences to grow from and learn.

It’s not always easy to see the blessings in the moment.

They appear when we seek them without judgement.

At times traversing forward can be real interesting.

It doesn’t surprise me at all that you are here.

We all play a role in each other’s life.

I share with you my insights.

This is what I do.

This is me.

How I Occupy My Time…



I write. It’s what I do. My creative spirit would have it no other way. I believe our words have power – grand power.


Virtual Assistant

Are you ready to focus your time on your clients and hire someone to care for your back office tasks?

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Wellness Partner

My mission is to help women experience balance in their relationships, workplace, body movement, spirituality and unbox their kitchens.


The Adventure Begins

Since the decision to sell my home of twenty-six years, the Universe is showing me there is a great opportunity out there waiting for me.


Trial & Error… Rest When Needed

Life is our greatest teacher. How do we learn? By trial and error, of course. Just when we think we have things figured out, something happens that was not in our plan. It diverts our attention, time and energy. And, sometimes it forces us to (kicking and screaming,...

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Call When You Think Of Me

Our intuition is a gift that is often times ignored. I know there's been times when I've shushed my inner voice and regretted it later. Often when I run into people at the grocery store and on the rare occasion I'm at a social event, friends will say, "I was just...

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It’s Okay To Cry

You have my FULL permission to feel what you feel when you feel it. And don't you dare stifle your emotions because it makes someone else uncomfortable. Let those tears flow, damn it! For those of you who know of me via the masks of social media and blog posts, and to...

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One Way To Meet Yourself

A Reading Meditation Meditation grants us with the blessing to see the true essence of Self. A reading meditation is similar to a verbal meditation in the same way you allow your imagination to create a vision of a loving environment. Are you ready for a journey into...

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15 Journal Prompts To Explore Gratitude

Gratitude is an emotion expressing appreciation. An individual can feel grateful for the things they have acquired, experienced, received, given and so much more. The key word is feel. Gratitude an emotion that radiates a unique vibration of love in all directions of...

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Where I Am Meant To Be

When I read the following quote on Kelley Grimes' blog post titled "Are You Exactly Where You Need To Be?", I felt a whoosh of energy flow through every cell in my body. There's something weaved into Amy's words that I need to explore. “I am exactly where I need to...

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The Purpose of Broken Art

I hesitated to find the broken art bowl on the shelf of fired ceramics Monday evening. I admit I had to work up a bit of courage. What was I afraid of? Why did it matter so much to me how it turned out? Was I more afraid of your reaction to the appearance of the bowl...

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Firing Tender Art

My voice wavered with embarrassment Monday evening as I over-explained to Kristine the cobbled up mess of the bowl I held, Gently, Kristine took the bowl from me and set it in the kiln for bisque firing. Desperate to show her the intended beauty, I grasped my cell...

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Allowing Art To Fall Apart

The bowl began as a beautiful, freehand creation. As I rolled out each worm-like element and shaped it, a whimsical (with a touch of elegance) design appeared. I continued to build the bowl one wormy piece at a time. Now...it is an accurate representation of my life....

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Mending A Broken Art

Creating art is about the process one goes through as the piece reveals itself in physical form. What did the artist experience? What emotions were evoked? Was the creative process peaceful and meditative, or a tool to silence pain and drown the internal screams for...

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Art Therapy

It's no secret that 2017 has been an emotionally challenging year thus far. I have bathed in emotions I had no comprehension existed. No matter how hard I try to live my life in motion, the loss of my oldest child halts my momentum in a single heartbeat. I am getting...

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The Journey to UnBoxing

I grew up in a time when high schoolers had to take either home-ed(ucation), shop or band class in order to graduate. I already knew how to cook and sew by that age, and learning how to make a foot stool didn't interest me at all. I chose to play the clarinet and step...

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The Adventure Begins

I am embarking on an adventure of a lifetime. I was presented the opportunity to change my typical lifestyle to that of a nomad.

Nomad – noun – a person who moves from one place to another rather than living in one place all of the time.

 My creativity is flowing and it feels good to be putting pen to paper. I look forward to sharing my personal insights, pearls of wisdom and stories from the road.

Life is an amazing adventure; it was never intended to be lived in gray-scale.

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