Obviously I Need To Lose Weight

Obviously I Need To Lose Weight

Never in my life has it been so obvious that I need to loose weight. No wonder life felt so heavy. I mean, hevē!! 

Seriously, this will never, ever, EVER happen again. Okay, it may. But, not intentionally.

Over the course of my lifetime, I accumulated a great deal of weight. I found out exactly how difficult all of it was to lift and move. The pile of stuff I have in storage is approximately a quarter of what I had kinda-sorta-not-really neatly tucked into my home of twenty-six years.

Pearl of wisdom: When you move and decide to get a dumpster for the items you don’t want to tote along with you, get one one size bigger than you think you’ll need. I believe the trash-man was starting to avoid my road based on all the additional crap I piled at the bottom of the driveway this past month. Next week he may stop at the bottom of my former driveway simply do a jiggy dance in celebration when he sees no pile nor the Coldwell Banker for sale sign.

Benefits To Moving

  1. Purging! I had no idea I had so much stuff.
  2. Found treasures. As a grieving momma, each handwritten note and random cards that I found from my two youthful sons created a tidal wave of momma-love emotions. A lot of joyful, reminiscing tears were shed since mid-July when I decided to sell my home.
  3. Unpacking the pack rat. I learned the value of letting go of the clutter. It was hard to toss the ugly deer pin one of the boys purchased from the school bizarre while in kindergarten as a Christmas gift. I remember the excitement in his eyes because it was something he picked out especially for me. Oh shit. Did I really throw out a treasure? Damn momma guilt!
  4. Getting rid of his shit once and for all! Although my late-ex husband and I have not resided under the same roof since 1999, I still had a bunch of his stuff that he’d left behind. And then there was another man who lived with me (he left really nice stuff), two sons and… Yup. I had no idea how much accumulated stuff was there that didn’t belong to me.
  5. Awareness of how old my clothes were. I threw out three times more clothes than I took with me. I’m not a fan of clothes shopping (actually, any shopping… except books and craft supplies). I purged shirts and sweaters that I wore in high school and in my early twenties. And yes, my mother will vouch that I still wore them.

Overall I lost a minimum of three tons of weight. When a person has to physically pick up and move the location of each item, a unique thing happens after a while – the desire to “hold onto it” diminishes.

As I carried a suitcase, two plastic bins and a cardboard box inside my son’s home (where I’m sofa-surfing for this week), I thought, “I gotta lose more weight!”

Plans Are Best Shifted By A Hurricane

On Saturday my sister began our phone conversations stating, “Don’t you dare come down here.”

“Is everything okay?” I replied.

“If you get on an airplane, I’m not picking you up at the airport.” She continued to tell me about the category four hurricane making landfall this Friday and the area she resides is in the center of its path.

Plans to visit my sister first officially diverted. Damn. And I was looking forward to walking the ocean shoreline with her, too. Maybe I’ll go see my friend in Colorado and then visit my sis when the winds calm down.

Involuntarily Paused Caddywampus Departure Schedule

My goal was to spend everyday this week working on buttoning up, wrapping up, all the loose ends of selling my home and hitting the road as early as this Sunday.

As I laid on the spare bed in my mother’s home yesterday, too tired to drive the rest of the way back to my son’s home, I surrendered. This intestinal virus bug wins. Everything is on pause. I quit trying to push through this energy-sucking, stomach-churning nastiness that I have acquired. At least I got three more trash containers down to the end of her driveway for pick up.

Truly, it feels good to lose all this weight.

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About The Author

C.K. Kochis

I am a writer; it's what I do. My mission in life is to guide women exhausted from nurturing others and the stagnation of daily routines to ignite self-love through the power of their words. I am utilizing my Integrative Nutrition Health Coach education as the foundation of ElementsForAHealthierLife.com to create a platform for coaches and leaders to share pearls of wisdom and professional insights. I wrote, designed and published “Get A Compass Not A Clock” and “UnLeash Your Story: A Journal Writer's Guidebook”. My virtual assistant clients keep me creatively busy, while my grandsons teach me about the importance of play.


  1. Rachel

    Yay!!! I love how liberating your experience of moving is. I have always found a connection between our health and our physical stuff and being able to let go of so many of the things you accumulated through the years will manifest in unburdening yourself emotionally and spiritually too. I am so excited for your big adventure and can’t wait to meet you along the way.

    • C.K. Kochis

      I’m looking forward to my visit in your neighborhood, Rachel. The moving process has definitely liberated me, that’s for certain. Wow, I found elements of me that I had forgotten about.

  2. Barb Parcells

    I think after all that you’ve gone through selling the house and emptying its contents, a little down-time is required before you hit the road. You earned it. Think how much lighter you’ll feel when you are rested and healthy! I have to admit that I thought I had a ton of stuff when I downsized but it sounds like you beat me by a mile. I am so proud of you!

    • C.K. Kochis

      Thanks, Barb. I do feel lighter and the down-time is helping me to shift gears in preparation for what’s next. And, I am proud of you for all of your accomplishments. Be sure to pat yourself on the back.

  3. Peggy

    You know I love this ❤️❤️❤️

    • C.K. Kochis

      Yes I do, Peggy. <3

  4. Pamela

    Hi Cindy, What a great post! I so related to your recent move having done a huge downsize recently. In particular I too found purging to be therapeutic. Giving things away to people who really appreciated them also felt good. I also found the experience to be a bit of a life review having designed and written a number of documents and courses over my life to date. I must say I do feel so much lighter since I’ve purged yet again. I also found it helpful to do this in layers, but not everyone has the time to do this. Sure hope you’re feeling better soon! Warmly, Pam

    • C.K. Kochis

      Purging in layers. I like that concept. That’s exactly how I did this packing ‘n purging experience. First, I packed my non-negotiable items (things near and dear to my heart). Then it was the necessities (things I will need, but could live without for a couple of months). Finally sifting through what was left. There were more layer in between, but I won’t bore you with those details. Thank you for sharing your insights and experience, Pam.

  5. Jill Celeste

    What an adventure awaits you, Cindy! All that purging! You just created gorgeous space in your life for new experiences. Good for you! xoxo

    • C.K. Kochis

      It’s been an adventure, Jill. I’m excited to experience what’s next. It’s like sitting in front of a pile of gifts ready to open each one.

  6. Meghan Humli

    Sounds like your body joined you in purging. I hope that you give yourself some time to rest – deeply rest. So often, we just move to the next thing, or try to make life work in spite of how we feel. I do that. However, I have found that life has its own timing, and now that you are more free, less burdened, you may feel free some days and totally confused others. All part of the journey. A year from now, your life will be different. And, a year after that different again in ways that you can’t imagine. Please ask for prayer and support in this transition. I wonder what or whom you will become in this process, and what adventures you will have. Please continue to post as you are able.

    • C.K. Kochis

      Thanks, Meghan. I am resting, working hard and enjoying every morsel of this adventure. Abraham-Hicks has a saying, “Life is meant to feel good; it’s suppose to be fun” and that’s my focus right now. Each day I am open to exploring more of who I am; unraveling that mystery.

  7. Lore (like "story") Raymond

    You continue to inspire, Cindy, with your stories–this time of letting go of the stuff, the weight, that bogs you (and me ) down.
    Yes, stay away from Hurricane Land.
    Safe travels!

    • C.K. Kochis

      Thanks, Lore. This hurricane is opening me to more possibilities and serves as a reminder to avoid rigid plan structures. My heart is my compass.

  8. Vatsala Shukla

    My Dad had a transferable job so we had a mandatory clutter dumping ritual every 3 years. Then I had to get rid of stuff every time I shifted countries for my jobs so I got used to it. It really amazes me how much stuff we still hold on to.

    Get well soon, Cindy and hope your sister and her family are safe from the hurricane.


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