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Love Cannot Be Broken

by | Mar 27, 2019

“Writing claims our world. It makes it directly and specifically our own. We should write because humans are spiritual beings and writing is a powerful form or prayer and meditation, connecting us both to our own insights and to a higher and deeper level of inner guidance.” -Julia Cameron

Love cannot be broken nor destroyed. You cannot cut the cord or sever the connection of love once it’s been made.

It’s been about two weeks ago since I spoke with a medium, and Jeremiah relayed the message, “Love cannot be broken nor destroyed.” That statement hit me with brute force. Since the moments those words were shared, I’ve looked back at how I felt in regards to my relationships and observing how I treat others. I have to say, I have lots of room for improvement. And yet, that last sentence defeats my progress in self-growth. It’s not a compassionate statement, is it? Let’s flip that. I will reword it to: I am doing my best to be kind, loving, and allow myself the freedom to feel what I feel. Oh, I felt a shift in the intention of my words. Did you?

Monday I drove eleven-plus hours until I found a campground to park for the night. I cruised the three loops of the first campground several times. Either the spaces were too shallow, impossible to back into or exceptionally unlevel. At the second campground, the main loop was closed for the winter and covered in snow. There was, on the other side of the road, seven slots; six were occupied and the seventh had a steady stream of water flowing over it. The campground is on both sides of a road and the state park area lacks signage (especially the one that should read no campers beyond this point). I found myself navigating a mountain pass towing my camper. After thirty or forty minutes of driving no more than twenty miles per hour, I finally approached a place to turn around. It was the parking lot for a hiking trial. I did a ten-point turnaround utilizing the shallow parking lot on the inside of a hairpin corner. With the gps app no longer functioning due to lack of cell service, the snow on the side of the road getting deeper and no desire to find out how far I was from the end of the road, I took the first opportunity I came across to make my way back down the mountain. The third campground was beautiful, but was full. I was grateful to be granted permission to spend the night in their overflow parking area with about a dozen other travel vehicles.

During my drive along the edge of the mountain, and watching the camper tire to make sure it didn’t get to close to the ledge, I thought of various relationships I’d been in and how, no matter how hurt or angry I got, I still loved them. And, I still love them. The love is different, of course. It evolved.

I had a lot of time to think as the odometer kept count of the number of tire rotations.

Oddly enough, the line that Jeremiah shared with me made its way into a conversation with two male employees at the store I purchased a new laptop on Saturday. They found my story of how this Michigander ended up in that particular New Mexico City interesting. At some point the light-hearted conversation swirled around how love is always present even when it shifts, evolves or transitions. And, they both agreed – love cannot be broken nor destroyed. Definitely not the conversation topic I expected to have in the computer section. Our time together amped up what had been residing in my front-of-mind thoughts – how do we knowingly and unknowingly impact others?

Can you imagine how differently we would respond and interact if we acknowledged the impact we have on the world? What happens when we smile at the stranger, hold the door open for someone, and extend other acts of kindness? When I experience those acts of kindness, I feel as though I’m visible, someone acknowledged my existence, someone cared enough to extend their love for others.

With all the journalling and pondering, I realized this helps to explain why people react so passionately when their relationship transitions into a status they do not desire (divorce, break up, separation, illness, death, loss of a self-identifying career and etc). In an attempt to hold onto what was, our mind desperately wants to re-experience what felt good. Let’s face it, we are addicted to feeling loved by someone outside of our self. I know I am! It feels good to be felt loved, considered worthy of someones attention, desired on an intimate level and so forth. I can’t think of a person who doesn’t have a desire to be loved in any format. Maybe I’m wrong, I’ve yet to come across that person. In a streaming brain dump that fell onto my journal pages several mornings ago, I asked myself, “Are you addicted to feeling lousy, unwanted, unloved, or joyful, peaceful, compassionate? What about love?”

And then there comes the ever present topic of self-love. Love cannot be broken nor destroyed…not even with Self.

Captured moments along the way…

Camping at the water's edge. Elephant Butte Lake State Park, New Mexico.
Sand art at Elephant Butte Lake State Park in New Mexico.
Spring flowers on the trail to the lake.
Full moon rising over Elephant Butte Lake State Park in New Mexico.

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C.K. Kochis

I am a writer; it's what I do. My mission in life is to guide women exhausted from nurturing others and the stagnation of daily routines to ignite self-love through the power of their words. I am utilizing my Integrative Nutrition Health Coach education as the foundation of to create a platform for coaches and leaders to share pearls of wisdom and professional insights. I wrote, designed and published “Get A Compass Not A Clock” and “UnLeash Your Story: A Journal Writer's Guidebook”. My virtual assistant clients keep me creatively busy, while my grandsons teach me about the importance of play.


  1. Vatsala Shukla

    I agree with Jeremiah, Cindy. Love is never broken though when a relationship fails for whatever reason, there is anger which I feel is subtle grief. When we look back in time, there’s always that smile for what was and not what could have been. Virtual hugs on your journey, you are loved!

    • C.K. Kochis

      I agree, Vatsala. Anger is a form of grief. And, yet, the connection of love still exists. Thanks for sharing your pearls of wisdom. Virtual hugs to you, as well.

  2. Laura Joseph

    What a beautiful journey. And yes, I think many of us are addicted to wanting to be loved by another. However, that notion prevents us from really discovering the magic of love in pure form. Great post.

    • C.K. Kochis

      Thanks for your kindness, Laura. You do bring up a very important point.

  3. Andrea

    What a beautiful post. I love being a fly on the wall for your journeys — the one on the road and the one in the heart. Sending lots of love.

    • C.K. Kochis

      Thanks, Andrea. Virtual hugs to you.

  4. Rachel

    Love cannot be lost, no it cannot. I think that even more than our human need to be loved, we have a greater need to love. When we can love, safely and freely, our lives goes well and when we are loved and are able to fully take it in, we bloom brightly. Love transforms. I am so glad you experience the immense love you have for Jeremiah and that you can still hear him and feel the love, both ways. I love you dearly, my beautiful and brave friend.

    • C.K. Kochis

      You are a wise woman, Rachel. You have a way of getting me to take a closer look at how I feel and view life. I am blessed with our friendship. Much love to you…

  5. Barbara Parcells

    No, love is never broken. Tuesday was my mom’s 93rd birthday. Even though she’s been gone over 15 years, I still feel her love every day. The older I get, the more I understand love and it’s power to heal and help. We will never know how far our ripple goes out into the world so we always have to be sure that whatever ripple we send out, it’s a good one!

    • C.K. Kochis

      Happy birthday to your mom, Barb. I don’t think it’s for us to know how far our ripple goes, only to know that we are a mere drop of water in the ocean. What we do to self and others affects all those around. Many blessings to you…

  6. Kathleen

    Such a beautiful post! Each of us has a wonderful opportunity to change our little corner of the world immediately by reflecting on your words, Cindy. Thank you.

    • C.K. Kochis

      You’re welcome, Kathleen. Thank you…


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