What limiting emotions are you using as a compass?

Our sense of success and feelings of failure are indicators of where we are emotionally. It doesn’t matter what colleagues, friends and family say, it’s how we feel that determines how we see our success/failure.

We may hear others state how beautiful our [project] is, but if we’re emotionally disengaged then we cannot see its beauty. How can we? We are focused on the flaws and turmoil.

Since I am an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, I will use the following as an example. The idea of “coaching” others can trigger a lot of oh-shit reactions. 1. Who I am to lead by example? 2. Who’s going to listen to me? 3. Why would anyone listen to me, I’m not ____ enough! We learned these destructive phrases, my dear friend. We’ve rehearsed them all of our lives. It’s time for us to climb on stage and quit playing small with outdated, recycled scripts.

You have the capability to rewrite the internal monologue. So what do we tell ourselves? Do we say “I love you” in the mirror until we believe it? Actually, yes! That’s one idea. Another is to get real honest with yourself. How do you feel? Take a moment to write out your feelings in a journal or on a scrap piece of paper.  Are the words you wrote true?  Would you say them to your best friend if she were in crisis?

Perception. Your thoughts about the ability to succeed will determine if you do or not. Seek ways to change the inner monologue. An adventure awaits you. You have the power to decide if the road ahead of you is paved or a mere footpath in an uncharted jungle.

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