You’ve decided it’s time to make a change to the current appearance and feel of your website. Now the question becomes, how ready are you to make the update?

Let’s begin the transformation with these five questions:

  1. What do you like about your current website?
  2. What do you dislike about your current layout, colors, images, flow and emotions it evokes?
  3. Would you like to add a membership portal, allow users to blog directly onto you website, directory, calendar and so forth?
  4. Can you list the content and verbiage you’d like to delete?
  5. Will this be a complete “branding” overhaul or a simple update to showcase your growth?

The first pearl of wisdom will help alleviate the stress of perfection: your website will always be evolving and feel like an unfinished project. This is cause for celebration!

If your website were to stay in a state of stagnation, that’s an indication your purpose for being on the internet is as well. Or is it? Why do you have a website? Is it to showcase a business, relay a specific message, personal thought in blog form or as a way to bring awareness?

Not too many years ago, a website was a common tool to post general information about a business, mission statement and passion. The boom of devices that access the internet rapidly changed how we interact with one and another, shop, earn an educational degree and do business.

The second pearl of wisdom is: the vision you see in your mind is the message you convey. In other words, if you cannot envision the revision for the website, neither can the person doing the updating. It doesn’t matter who’s doing the work (yourself, virtual assistant, family member or the neighbor kid), the task of revision will be challenging if you’re consumed with mind-clutter, indecision and overwhelmed with the stress of perfection.

Let’s focus on the baseline of the transformation with another five questions:

  1. Who will update the website?
  2. What is your time and financial budget?
  3. What or who is encouraging the change?
  4. What is the true purpose of the website?
    1. Is it to promote products and services?
    2. Is it to share your thoughts, relay a specific message?
    3. It is to educate?
    4. It is strictly to provide information?
    5. Other:
  5. Will you be using the same “branding” images?
    1. If the answer is yes – why?
      1. Is this a simple update of content?
      2. Are you only adding a new elements to the existing layout?
    2. If the answer is no – why?
      1. Have you started the re-branding process?
      2. Who is doing the re-branding?
      3. Will the new images and content be ready prior to the website transformation?

Quite often I speak to individuals who crave change and yet do not have a clear vision of the next phase. Desire for change is natural. It’s expected. This is a cause of celebration, not a lead-in for self-destructive thoughts and beliefs.

I admit, there are times I find it difficult to find the ebb and flow of “what’s next”. My mind may fill with unrealistic ideas, be inspired by another person’s success, get caught up in the latest rage and/or wants to confuse the purpose. It’s by sitting down with my journal and writing from the heart the things I envision that change happens. It’s a part of my process.

As a virtual assistant and coach, it is an honor to guide clients as they dig deeper into their own ebb and flow to clarify their visions.

I ask again, “How Ready Are You To Update Your Website?”