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Fitness Log

Fitness LogA way to boost your fitness and strength and to challenge yourself is to pick something you want to tackle, and set a number you’d like to accomplish, and then go after it – daily, weekly, or whatever works for you. Maybe you want to do 100 sit ups every day. Start with 10, and do 10 every time you think about it. Over time you may do 20, five times, or 30, just over three times. Eventually, you may do 100 sit ups in a row, or perhaps add another 100 into your routine. Whatever works for you is what works best. Just keep yourself moving, and you’re sure to keep yourself happier and healthier!

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Better Sleep

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Guided Meditations

Enjoy these short guided meditations that were recorded during the winter of 2015/2016.  Please note I am no longer offering the weekly meditations as stated in the videos.

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