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Finding The Emotional Words

by | Jun 5, 2019

“Vulnerability is the birthplace of love, belonging, joy, courage, empathy, and creativity. It is the source of hope, empathy, accountability, and authenticity. If we want greater clarity in our purpose or deeper and more meaningful spiritual lives, vulnerability is the path.”
― Brené Brown

The experience of coming home has been what I expected and, yet, not at all. It’s clear on a deep level within, my wants, desires and beliefs shifted and did the cha-cha on the hiking trails of Texas and New Mexico.

I see aspects of the old version of me crop up for me to face and transform. A common afterthought is, Oh, I don’t like how I responded to X. I have come to witness I am no longer the woman they know me as with all of the well-worn self-sabotaging habits. Several of them do not care for my unpredictable lifestyle and strongly suggest I grow up, get over it and do what makes them feel more secure about our relationship. With my enlightened perspective, I suppose I’ve always been on a quest for freedom from a place of rebellion. I’ve been told I’m a rebellious shit. A loving shit, a compassionate and hard-working shit with a large dose of rebellion.

Since I’ve been back, and I really hate to admit this because today I officially begin my role as a guide for writers, I’ve avoided writing. I’m not talking about writing content for websites and a client’s promotional items. I mean, anything that has to do with emotions. Oh my… The emotions were a bit crazy when I first arrived in Michigan. I’ve adjusted over the past month and feel like the me that I found somewhere on Highway 40.

Isn’t there a saying about you can never come home? Eh, doesn’t matter. It’s not the point of the thought-ramblings I am dumping onto this page.

The reason I haven’t really put my pen to paper in the mornings is because I’m afraid of what I’ll write. Sounds silly; now that I write that out. Vulnerability, for a writer, is where the good stuff is. You know, the relatable stuff.

Before you claim I’m suggesting to people to air their dirty laundry for all to see, pause and think. It’s the emotions you feel that’s relatable. Writing with that emotion and passion of the moment draws from within the words to describe what would otherwise lifelessly lay on the page.

The emotional hell, elation and all things in between enhance the storytelling possess to bring the reader into a space of feeling the emotions you once felt and its role in the message you’re attempting to relay. This goes for both carefully crafted works of art and sloppy renditions of a drunken night in fictional and non-fictional writings. The intent is to bring both you and the audience to that moment to feel that emotion to see that situation from a recognizable point of view (or better yet, instill a new point of view).

Today I begin a new quest, journey, adventure or whatever active noun I feel like tossin’ in the mix. I’m a writer, it is what I do. A common theme I found while doing that soul-searching thing and doing the Marie Forleo’s B-School Fun Sheets is I am on a mission to guide individuals exhausted from nurturing others and the stagnation of daily routines to ignite self-love through the power of their words.

For the longest time I thought my mission was to assist women to transform their existence from a point of exhaustion from nurturing others and the stagnation of daily routines to a lifestyle of passion and balance. What was missing is the HOW.

So now I get it. I had to get away from all that was recognizable to not only find myself, but my words – my story. So now I shall put Pen To Paper and inspire myself and others to write.

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C.K. Kochis

I am a writer; it's what I do. My mission in life is to guide women exhausted from nurturing others and the stagnation of daily routines to ignite self-love through the power of their words. I am utilizing my Integrative Nutrition Health Coach education as the foundation of to create a platform for coaches and leaders to share pearls of wisdom and professional insights. I wrote, designed and published “Get A Compass Not A Clock” and “UnLeash Your Story: A Journal Writer's Guidebook”. My virtual assistant clients keep me creatively busy, while my grandsons teach me about the importance of play.


  1. LEila

    Well said. Being vulnerable is giving yourself permission to evaluate and evolve.
    Thank you for sharing.

    • C.K. Kochis

      You’re welcome, Leila! Glad this installment resonated with you.

  2. Barbara Parcells

    It’s only when we are honest with our deepest selves and emotions that we are living a true, authentic life. If it ain’t real, it ain’t worth it! Go for it!

    • C.K. Kochis

      YES! If it ain’t real, it ain’t worth it! Thanks, Barb. You always know how to make me smile.

  3. Andrea

    I have such mixed feelings about the reactions of others whenever I undergo a seismic shift: while I wish I didn’t make them uncomfortable it seems to go with the territory.

    • C.K. Kochis

      I understand, Andrea. 🙂

  4. Debra Oakland

    I love that you share your vulnerability and the journey you have been on. Thank you for sharing the wisdom you gain as you live life on this adventure of the soul. Life will always change and morph…bringing us to higher ground. Ain’t life grand?

    • C.K. Kochis

      Life is an amazing adventure. Thank you for your kind and compassionate words, Debra!

  5. Lisa Hutchison

    Grief is a process, when we believe we got it down, it comes up again. Some denial or avoidance of our most vulnerable feelings is healthy.

    The best way through writer’s block is writing about it, as you have here. I know on the other side of procrastination is some great writing. Yes, I speak from experience. 🙂

    Many Blessings and much love to you Cindy,
    Lisa xx

    • C.K. Kochis

      There certainly is an ebb and flow to the grieving process. I often find by writing through the writer’s block I uncover something I would not have otherwise been expressed. Thank you for your wise words, support and unconditional love, Lisa.

  6. Kelley Grimes

    Cindy this is beautiful and empowering to hear your process and offering the how of self-love through the written word. I love it and am so inspired by your courage and vulnerability. I love Brene Brown’s quote and believe that we have a choice to show up authentically and vulnerably in our lives which will lead to more peace, joy and meaning. Thank you for sharing your truth Cindy! I am so grateful for you!

    • C.K. Kochis

      And I am grateful for our friendship, Kelley. You are most welcome. When I read Brene’s quote, I recognized a part of me within it. It gifted me the encouragement to “keep going” on another project with an exposed heart. Thank you for your continued support and kind words. Our stories matter.


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