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“You know your client values you when they ask you to share wisdom with someone looking to break into the same field.”
– C.K. Kochis

I was asked to share how I got my start as a Virtual Assistant (VA) with a young woman interested in becoming a VA. My response started out generic. Then, as if without warning, the words poured out of me. I wrote…

My start as a VA came mostly through networking and answering people’s call for help. When I come across someone needing help or asking how to do XYZ on a FB thread, I provided a general answer. Most times they don’t have the time to do the task and will ask me to assist them.

You don’t need a fancy website, witty commentary on a Facebook fan page or even cheap business cards. Yes, a website allows them to view your work. Yes, people love a good post on FB. Yes, some people still collect business cards in this age of “virtual”.

Trust the right people will ask for your assistance. Be firm in your rate and boundaries (like not working evenings, Sundays or your pup’s birthday). We naturally attract those who we can help and help us in other ways (it’s typically a mutual exchange of energy – like attracts like).

Be yourself. Sounds like a cliche’ (well, it is one…), but…. it’s the truth. Don’t try to copy what someone else has done, nor look at the image they cast on social media. We all look better when we leave our “baggage” off the computer monitor.

Do what comes naturally to you. As one person said, “Who are the most profitable coaches? The coaches selling coaches how to be a coach.” What I’ve found is – if you’re a natural coach, you don’t need training (only guidance to strengthen your confidence). The same goes for any entrepreneurial endeavor.

What are some pearls of wisdom you’d share with someone wishing to learn from your experience?

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