Gratitude is an emotion expressing appreciation. An individual can feel grateful for the things they have acquired, experienced, received, given and so much more. The key word is feel.

Gratitude an emotion that radiates a unique vibration of love in all directions of time and space. There are plenty of studies that shows when we deliberately cultivate gratitude, we can increase our well-being and happiness. Expressing gratitude to others is associated with increasing energy, optimism and empathy.

The practice of writing gratitude lists can provide a powerful outlet for exploring what’s on our minds. For example, write down five things you are grateful for.  Now take it a step further and write about why you are grateful for the experiences/things you listed. How deep into your personal story can you go?

To keep the gratitude momentum flowing, explore these fifteen journal prompts:
  1. “I have been blessed to experience these grand things ___”
  2. “I grateful that [person’s name] is in my life. They helped me to ___”
  3. “I am grateful for these ten things: ___”
  4. “My greatest qualities are ___”
  5. “Today, my [list areas of your body] feels healthy and I am ready to ___”
  6. “I accomplished ___”
  7. “I am so grateful to have ___ in my life.”
  8. “When I went to ___, I was able to experience ___”
  9. “When life feels challenging, I want to remember that I am ___”
  10. Write about the unexpected gifts you have received.
  11. Write about a happy childhood experience.
  12. Describe, in detail, how your felt when you received a special gift.
  13. Share your unique skills.
  14. What are the things that make you happy?
  15. Describe what it feels like to be in love.

Any disaster you can survive is an improvement in your character, your stature, and your life. What a privilege! -Joseph Campbell