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Are you ready to focus on your entrepreneurial and creative writing projects? As your copyeditor, I believe your story matters and your words have power.


Writer, Author & Publisher

I write. It’s what I do. My creative spirit would have it no other way. I believe our words have power – grand power.


I doodle. It’s what I do. My creative spirit would have it no other way. No two creations are the same, nor should they be.


Writers' Community

Writing is a journey and an expression of Self. I created Pen To Paper Writers Circle for writers to network, hone skills and extinguish the illusion of isolation.

Health & Wellness

How we feel is connected to our relationships, workplace, body movement, spirituality, & how we nourish our bodies. Are you ready to explore the elements for a healthier life? 

Optimize Your Creativity 

⇒You’ve written a book! Congratulations! It’s time to have an objective reader review your hard work and offer editing suggestions. As a copy editor, I will improve your draft so it’s consistent, the storyline is clean, and ready to be published.

⇒Streamline your graphic design, periodical layout projects and website maintenance so you can focus on your clients, income generating tasks and do what you do best.

A Memoir

At sunrise I acquired the role of a grieving momma when my oldest son died in 2017. Later that year I sold my home of twenty-six years, set out to disconnect from all things familiar, and went on a Soul’s Journey. Along the way I gained a deeper understanding of forgiveness, wavered with personal courage, met plenty of interesting people, and expanded the awareness of Self-love.

At Sunrise
A Soul’s Journey of a Grieving Momma

The Adventure Continues

Since the decision to sell my home of twenty-six years, the Universe is showing me there is a great opportunity out there waiting for me. Read the stories I share as I explore, travel and write.

Are you wandering In Love?

Are you wandering In Love?

The Adventure Continues...“An animal’s eyes have the power to speak a great language.” ― Martin BuberOne of the highlights of going to Traverse City as a child was getting the chance to see the bison along US-31. As the car descent down the hill, my sister and I would...

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Think I’ll Go For A Walk Now

Think I’ll Go For A Walk Now

The Adventure Continues...“I throw back my head, and, feeling free as the wind, breathe in the fresh mountain air. Although I am heavy-hearted, my spirits are rising. To walk in nature is always good medicine.” ― Jean Craighead George, On the Far Side of the...

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One Timeline at a Time

One Timeline at a Time

The Adventure Continues..."A weed is a plant that has mastered every survival skill except for learning how to grow in rows." -Doug LarsonI would love it if the shitty first draft wasn’t so shitty. Maybe, just maybe, I’ll change shitty to outstanding. My outstanding...

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Writers Community

What could you accomplish if you participated in a writers community that supports and inspires you to write and get published? You’d be motivated to WRITE!


The Adventure Continues with…

Join Willie James (an adorable chiweenie) and myself as we continue the adventure of a lifetime.

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Life is an amazing adventure; it was never intended to be lived in gray-scale.

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