A woman of many hats.

I, like you, have gone through plenty of transformations.
We shift, change, and rarely do we remain idle or stagnate.
Life provides us with experiences to grow from and learn.
It's not always easy to see the blessings in the moment.
They appear when we seek them without judgement.
At times traversing forward can be real interesting.
It doesn't surprise me at all that you are here.
We all play a role in each other's life.
I share with you my insights.
This is what I do.
This is me.

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Dr. Ginny Baro has a natural gift of elevating women to see their fullest potential. Cindy spoke with Dr. Baro about what it means to be a fearless leader in the workplace and the C.A.R.E.S. system Dr. Baro developed from her experience as an executive leader.

We celebrate the beauty of our soul, embodying our fullness and understand ways we resist love. This is a powerful issue full of self-discovery, pearls of wisdom, stories of personal transformation and kitchen-warming, savory recipes.

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An Adventure by C.K. Kochis

"Journal prompts are just that - prompts. They are a starting point, a trigger to entice your imagination and emotions." -C.K. Kochis

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I share how journaling saved my life when I was sixteen years old, my interpretation of what journaling is and simple instructions to make your own journals. You will gain inspiration from the 365 journal prompts to unleash your story and cultivate a deeper connection with 'self'. This heart-centered book is intended to help unlock expressions of emotion that are often hard to put into words, reminisce on days gone by, put dreams and goals onto paper, and to open the gateway for messages from the heart to be seen on paper.

Benefits of starting a practice of writing daily
Ideas and instruction to create your own journal
365 journal prompts to entice you to UnLeash Your Story

30-Days of journal pages to encourage the action of journaling inside the paperback book!

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